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Pre-purchase questions

Can Open Goaaal be left up all year long?

Yes, your Open Goal is designed to withstand the elements and it can be left up all year long, even during harsh summers or cold winters.

That being said, you will see an even longer life from your product if you do take it down when it is not being used consistently like during winter months.

Is Open Goaaal portable?

Only the Lacrosse version of the Open Goaaal is portable. A portable version of the Soccer Open Goaaal is currently in development but we do not have any estimates for its release as of yet.

You can take the Soccer Open Goal with you wherever you go, but it will require the full set up and tear-down process each time. Make sure that the place you are taking it to has grass and not artificial turf!

Are parts compatible between different Open Goaaal sizes?

All parts except the net are the same for the Large and Standard size Open Goals. 

The parts included with the Junior, Regulation, and Lacrosse Open Goals are not compatible with any other sizes or styles.

Can I use Open Goaaal for team training sessions?

Yes; but it should be left in the same location, and in a secure training ground, as it's not designed for taking down and packing away after each session.  

And it should be positioned off the playing area to help avoid the guy ropes becoming a trip hazard.

Read more in detail

What Open Goaaal soccer goal size should I get based on my kid's age?

Great question! Here's a breakdown of what we recommend:

Ages 12 and over

The Regulation size Open Goaaal Goal is 24' x 8' and meets the FIFA regulation size requirement, however, depending on the size of your yard, this older age group can still all smaller sizes!  Open Goaaal is designed to function as a goal + backstop + rebounder, so practicing shooting on a smaller goal size is still highly effective.

Ages 8 - 12 

For this age group, it's recommended to use goal sizes that are a minimum of 18' x 6' and a maximum of 21' x 7'. These Open Goaaals will work well with this age range, however, depending on the size of your yard, you can effectively use any size open goaaal for improved practice at home!

Ages 6 - 7

For this age group, it's recommended to use goal sizes that are a minimum of 9' x 5' and a maximum of 12' x 6'. These Open Goaaals will work well with this age range, however, depending on the size of your yard, you can effectively use any size open goaaal for improved practice at home! 

Ages 4 - 5

For this age group, it's recommended to use goal sizes that are a minimum of 6' x 4' and a maximum of 10' x 5'. The Junior size (8' x 4.5') would be perfect for this age range. 

Check out our more in-depth blog post about youth soccer goal sizes

Do all Open Goaaals have adjustable width?

No, the Junior, Starter (My-First), and Lacrosse Open Goals do not offer an adjustable width. 

The Standard, Large, and Regulation size soccer Open Goals do offer variable width options.

I have two kids who vary in age and both play soccer. Which Open Goaaal should I buy for them?

In this situation, we recommend going with the larger size. It's easier for smaller children to practice with a larger size than the other way around. If you need more guidance on which Open Goaaal to purchase based on your childrens' age, check out previous FAQs. 

Do you offer refurbished parts or products?

Yes, we do! Please take a look at ourclearance section to see what refurbished items we have available.

How much does Open Goaaal weigh in the box?

Here are the weights of each Open Goaaal in the box:

  • Lacrosse - 48lbs, 8oz 
  • Starter - 19 lbs 
  • Junior - 30lbs 
  • Standard - 38lbs 
  • Large - 40lbs 
  • Regulation - 75lbs
What does refurbished mean?

Refurbished Open Goaaals are built from returned goals or from new goals that were missing parts. The parts may show slight signs of use. All refurbished Open Goaaals are covered by the full 1-year warranty. Check out ourrefurbished Open Goaaals!

Are Open Goaaal and Open Goaaal Lacrosse interchangeable?

No, the size and parts are unique and vary in size with each product so they're not interchangeable. 

Do the refurbished Open Goaaals have a warranty?

Yes, refurbished products have the same one-year warranty as a new Open Goaaal. For more information regarding the warranty, check out our Return Policy

My coupon code for Open Goaaal is expired. Is there a way I can still use it?

Depending on the coupon we may be able to still accept it even though it's expired. To find out if we can accept your coupon, please contact us using ourContact Form.

Help with assembly

What are some best practices to remember during setup?

Kinldy read our setup guide.

How long does it take to set up an Open Goaaal?

Generally, we estimated that it takes two adults about an 1.5 hrs to set up an Open Goaaal. If you'd like more information on how long it takes or tips to set it up, visit this page.

Does Open Goaaal have to be installed on grass?

Your Open Goal must be installed on a surface with natural dirt. It is recommended that you use a surface with grass as well because the grass will help to hold the anchors and spikes in place. Dirt-only areas are not as secure.

There doesn't have to be grass but the surface cannot be concrete, gravel, sand, or any artificial turfs.

Can Open Goaaal be used on astro turf, artificial turf, or inside?

Currently, Open Goaaal can only be installed in areas that have grass and dirt. If your artificial turf installation is on concrete or has gravel below it, Open Goaaal will not work.

How do I adjust the width of the goal?

If you've already set Open Goaaal up, then you'd need to disassemble it and reassemble it to the width you'd want it. Adjusting the width has to be done during setup. When you've set up the poles to be the width you'd like, simply wrap the excess netting around the pole tightly.

Is there a service that can help set up my Open Goaaal?

Yes, Assemblers Incorporated is a third-party company that can help set up your Open Goaaal.  

Please note: We do not set prices for their Open Goaaal setup. Prices are set by local providers of Assemblers Incorporated.

Do I need to set my Open Goaaal with concrete?

No, we don't recommend using concrete with Open Goaaal. The poles are designed to be used at ground level. If you put them into the ground, it'd be too deep. Open Goaaal is very sturdy and doesn't need any concrete.

Can Open Goaaal be installed on a slope?

Yes, Open Goaaal can be installed on ground with an even slope.

However, you should be aware that the slope must be consistent through the setup area. It will not be effective on ground with a slope only on one side or that is not consistent throughout the setup area. This will create gaps in the bottom of the rebounder which will allow the ball to roll underneath the net.

How much yard space does the Open Goaaal need?

The different size and versions of the Open Goal require different amounts of space. Please see a full list below

Soccer Open Goal minimum area:

  • Junior: 20'8" wide, 5'3" deep
  • Standard: 17'1" wide, 6'6" deep
  • Large: 27'2" wide, 7'6" deep
  • Regulation: 50'2" wide, 8'2" deep

Lacrosse Open Goal minimum area:

  • 24'6" wide, 3'6" deep

Remember that Open Goal can only be used on grass! You cannot set up the Open Goal on concrete, turf or other artificial surfaces without modifying it.

Can I install Open Goaaal in the sand?

Currently, Open Goaaal can only be installed in areas that have grass and dirt.

General product information

Where do I find the Open Goaaal for lacrosse?

Please click here to find the Lacrosse Open Goaaal.

Do you sell replacement Open Goaaal nets?

Yes, we do! Please reach out to us using ourcontact form and we'll be happy to help. If your net is torn or broken in any way, please send a photo to us for our quality assurance department for evaluation.

How do I raise the net to mow under it?

To mow under the net more easily you can unhook the bottom of the net from the red pegs and place the bottom corners on the middle pole hooks.

Can I purchase parts for my Open Goaaal?

We do sell Open Goaaal parts. To see what we have available and for pricing please contact us by filling out thisform and letting us know which parts you're interested in purchasing.

My net has a hole in it. Do you sell patch kits?

Yes, we do! Please contact us through our Contact Us Form and send us a picture of the hole and we'll be happy to help you.

Can Open Goaaal withstand all weather?

Open Goaaal can withstand regular rain and wind. We do recommend you take the net down or pull it to the side during high winds and heavy storms.

How does the Open Goaaal work?

Read in detail how open goaaal work?

How many FNINE Speed and Agility Rings are included in the set?

The set of FNINE Speed and Agility Rings include 6 rings and connectors.

Where do I find the Open Goaaal for soccer?

Pleaseclick here to view the product options for the Soccer Open Goaaal.

How are Open Goaaal nets made?

Open Goaaal nets are made of high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene (PE) and sewn by hand. 

How many poles are included in the FNINE Agility Pole set?

The set includes 4 FNINE agility poles.

Each pole is 57" high, including the base.

Will the Futsolo be back in stock?

Unfortunately, there are no plans for this product to be back in stock. Please browse our other excellent soccer balls here

Do you have a waiting list for products that are out of stock?

On the product page, there should be a spot where you can put your email in and you'll be notified when a product is back in stock. If the email spot isn't there, it's most likely because the product is discontinued. However, please feel free to contact us using our contact form for more information. 

How many squares or rungs are on the FNINE Training Ladder?

The FNINE training ladder has 11 rungs making 10 squares.

Orders & Returns

What is Open Goaaal USA's Return Policy?

Kindly Visit our Return Policy page.

I forgot to use a coupon code. Can it still be applied to my purchase?

Yes, we can apply your coupon code to your order. Please contact us using the Contact form and let us know which coupon code you wanted to use.

I received the wrong item or I'm missing items from my order. What should I do?

We apologize that you received the wrong item or that your order was missing items! Please contact us and send us your order number using our Contact form and we'll be sure to make it right!

Can I use more than one coupon?

Coupons cannot stack. Only one coupon may be used at a time. 

Is there a restocking fee if I return Open Goaaal?

You will only be charged a fee IF:

1. Your returned product is missing any parts, accessories, or packaging. 


2. Your returned product is damaged making it non-resaleable.

We will charge up to 20% fee which we will deduct out of your total refund. If your product is in great condition and you've returned the product as a whole with all parts, accessories, and packaging then you will not be charged a fee.

I returned my Open Goaaal item. How long until I get my refund?

We will refund you within 15 days of receiving your return. You can see more about our return process here.

Can I pre-order a product?

We are unable to accept pre-orders. If the Open Goaaal product is not available to purchase on the site then it's unable to be ordered currently. Please contact us if you'd like more information.

What does my order status mean?

Paid & Unfulfilled
This means that we have received your order but it has not been processed yet. You will receive a notification when your order ships or we will send an email if we have questions regarding your order.

Paid & Fulfilled
This means that your order has shipped. You should have received a shipment notification in the inbox of the email that you used when you purchased the product. If you have not received your tracking number please check your spam box. If it is not there you may contact us to get your tracking number.

Refunded & Unfulfilled
This means that your order has been cancelled. If you were not made aware of the cancellation prior to the refund notification please contact us.

Pending & Unfulfilled
This means that an order has been submitted for you but payment has not been received. You should receive an invoice via email to complete the purchase. If you do not, please contact us.

I have not received my order confirmation. Can it be sent to me?

Sorry that you have not received this information! Yes we can send you your order details. Please contact us and provide your name and the email address you used when you placed the order. 

I bought the wrong Open Goaaal size for my yard. What should I do?

We're happy to help! Please reach out to us using our contact form and we can initiate an exchange.


What is Open Goaaal USA's Shipping Policy?

Kindly read our Shipping Policy.

I need to change my shipping address for my Open Goaaal Order. How do I do this?

We are able to change your shipping address for you so long as the item hasn't shipped yet. Please contact us using our Contact form and we'll be happy to assist you. 

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we do ship to Canada. Shipments to Canada may be subject to duties or import fees.  Please contact your local freight carrier to help estimate additional fees required to receive delivery of your shipment. 

See more on our shipping policy

My order has already shipped. Can I cancel or change it?

We try to ship orders as quickly as possible so if you want to make adjustments or cancel the order please contact us as quickly as possible. Once an order has shipped we cannot guarantee that it will be able to be stopped before it gets to you.

Please be advised that no refunds or alternative shipments can be made until we have confirmed that the original shipment is on its way back to us. If the original shipment is unable to be stopped you have the option of Refusing the package when it arrives. 

If you have any other questions please fill out our contact form

My order says delivered but I haven't received it. What can I do?

Please check with other members of your household and neighbors to see if they've accepted the shipment. If it hasn't turned up, please contact us and we will do our best to assist. 

Why is my delivery charge to Canada so high?

Shipments to Canada may be subject to GST and other additional import fees. Open Goaaal USA does not set these fees and has no way to tell what the final cost of these fees will be. Please contact your local freight carrier to help estimate additional fees required to receive the delivery of your shipment. We are told that Canada and Mexico base the fees on price and weight.


My net is torn. Is this covered under the warranty?

If the net is torn through normal use, it is covered under the warranty. However, if it was used for other purposes or an animal tore through it, it isn't covered under warranty. We offer a 1-year guarantee; and if we agree there is a fault, you have the right to have it refunded, repaired, or replaced, whichever we believe is the most appropriate. 

In some situations, we can send patch kits to help repair nets that have been chewed by animals or not a result of a defect. 

Please contact us and attach pictures of the torn net. We will be happy to assist you!

What is the warranty on the Open Goaaal?

All parts are covered by a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

The warranty covers only defects in workmanship of the product and do not cover misuse of the product or normal wear and tear accumulated through regular use. 

If you would like to make a warranty claim please fill out the contact form. Make sure to include at least one photograph of the damaged area!


Why choose Open Goaaal?

Parents love Open Goaaal because it helps their kids get better at soccer, gets their kids to practice more, and prevents missed shots from going into the neighbors yard/down the street. Kids get tired of chasing down bad shots over and over again, but with Open Goaaal they won't have that problem any longer. With Open Goaaal parents now have the opportunity of practicing shots with their kids. It allows you to spend more time having fun and getting better or watching your kids get better!  Open Goaaal is easy to maintain and easy to put away. The goal and extra retaining netting can easily slide away for cookouts or for mowing the lawn. This is the ultimate backyard soccer tool! It truly is the best soccer goal on the market!

Coaches know that practice makes perfect! This is why coaches enjoy Open Goaaal so much. When you miss, you often have to go chase the ball down, which is time wasted that could be spent footwork or shot training. Open Goaaal also allows you to go all out when practicing accurate shooting into the corner of the goal, without the fear of wasting time.

Kids love Open Goaaal (Open Goal) because their play and practice time is increased. No more chasing down missed shots. The ball will simply rebound and continues in play. This also allows shots to be practiced at full power, rather than with hesitation and fear of punishment if something breaks. Your neighbors will also appreciate not having to retrieve errant shots. The kids can play for hours with minimal interruption!


Open Goaaal is a one of a kind soccer trainer. You will not be able to find another soccer goal that has its own integrated rebounding net system at such an affordable price. This allows for more focused practice sessions for strikers and goalkeepers.


Open Goaaal perfectly rebounds missed shots so you can quickly adjust your shot and attempt it once again. This durable and innovative rebounding backstop also prevents missed shots from flying over the neighbors yard or in to the woods.


Open goaaal is easy to set up and take down. It can be used by soccer players of all ages. With 3 sizes available, you can find the right Open Goaaal for any age group. Have personal 1-on-1 training sessions with your kids in the backyard


With less time chasing after missed shots, you can concentrate on improving your footwork and ball striking . With Open Goaaal, you can get twice as much out of your soccer training session!


The amazing Open Goaaal and backstop/rebounder can easily be lifted for mowing the yard or keeping animals and pets out of the net. You can also slide the net to the side for extra space during backyard events and parties!

What is the OG Ambassador Program?

The OG Ambassador Program is an affiliate program where you can make money by sharing links to the Open Goaaal Site! For more information, visit our Ambassador Program page

Patents and Intellectual Property

Open Goaaal is a registered trademark of Open Goaaal Investments Ltd.

Patents and Visual Design rights (in both 2D & 3D) are both granted and pending, including Europe and Americas.

This includes a China patent (granted) covering manufacture, import and export to all geographies.

We’re really proud of our new inventions and so have made every effort to protect them from being copied.

We have legal backgrounds and will enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law (and already have done).

How can I become a dealer for Open Goaaal?

Thank you for your interest in carry Open Goaaal in your store! Please fill out the Open Goaaal Dealer Application form and a wholesale representative will be in touch with you soon!

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