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We hope that you're completely satisfied with your recent Open Goaaal Purchase. However, we are here to help if you have any questions or concerns. Some of the pages below will help you answer the most common questions about Open Goaaal USA. 

Can Open Goaaal be used on astro turf or on artificial turf? 

Currently, Open Goaaal can only be installed in areas that have grass and dirt. If your artificial turf installation is on concrete or has gravel below it, Open Goaaal will not work. 

Does Open Goaaal have to be installed on grass? 

Yes, Open Goaaal must be installed on grass that has dirt below. Open Goaaal cannot work on concrete, gravel, sand or area where there is not grass. 

Can Open Goaaal be installed on a slope? 

Yes, Open Goaaal can be installed on ground with an even slope...but not on ground with a slope only on one side or that is not consistent throughout the setup area.

Do all Open Goaaal's have adjustable width? 

No, Only the standard and large size are adjustable width. The Junior size does not have adjustable width.

Can Open Goaaal be left up all year long? 

Yes, Open Goaaal is designed to withstand the elements and it can be left up all year long, even during harsh summers or cold winters. 



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