Pre-Purchase Questions

  • Can Open Goaaal be left up all year long?
  • Is Open Goaaal portable?
  • Are parts compatible between different Open Goaaal sizes?
  • Can I use Open Goaaal for team training sessions?
  • What Open Goaaal soccer goal size should I get based on my kid's age?
  • Do all Open Goaaals have adjustable width?
  • I have two kids who vary in age and both play soccer. Which Open Goaaal should I buy for them?
  • Do you offer refurbished parts or products?
  • How much does Open Goaaal weigh in the box?
  • What does refurbished mean?

Help With Assembly

  • What are some best practices to remember during setup?
  • How long does it take to set up an Open Goaaal?
  • Does Open Goaaal have to be installed on grass?
  • Can Open Goaaal be used on astro turf, artificial turf, or inside?
  • How do I adjust the width of the goal?
  • Is there a service that can help set up my Open Goaaal?
  • Do I need to set my Open Goaaal with concrete?
  • Can Open Goaaal be installed on a slope?
  • How much yard space does the Open Goaaal need?
  • Can I install Open Goaaal in the sand?

General Product Information


  • Why choose Open Goaaal?
  • What is the OG Ambassador Program?
  • Patents and Intellectual Property
  • How can I become a dealer for Open Goaaal?

Orders & Returns



  • My net is torn. Is this covered under the warranty?
  • What is the warranty on the Open Goaaal?