Open Goaaal Lacrosse

Lacrosse Goal

Choosing a lacrosse goal to practice on is a challenging task. Most players want something that is durable but don't want to break the bank buying a game-quality goal. Other players want something portable but don't want to sacrifice quality on something that won't last long. The Open Goaaal Lacrosse Trainer is a solid choice, that is designed to last, can be portable to practice anywhere, and costs less than buying a game-quality goal and backstop separately.

Lacrosse Backstop

The Open Goaaal Lacrosse is a lacrosse goal with backstop that prevents missed shots from damaging the fence, going into the neighbor's yard, flying into the woods, or breaking windows! The backstop allows players to take full power shots without having to fear the consequences of missing. Players call this "shooting soft" and it doesn't make for great shot training.

Lacrosse Net

The Open Goaaal has a patented design that is held together by tension. This allows the entire structure to absorb high power shots...rather than all of the impact hitting the net. This feature prevents the net from taking the majority of the impact and improves the life of the netting...which historically needs replacement on normal lacrosse goals.

Different than a Standalone Lacrosse Rebounder

A lacrosse rebounder is an amazing training tool. It allows you to better simulate gameplay type scenarios surrounding shooting, it allows you practice your handling skills, and is just really fun to mess around with...but you can't practice shooting full power shots on a rebounder safely.