Will it fit?


You'll need a rectangle of grass the size of the shaded area in the diagrams. The width is adjustable.

1. Standard size - 2.0m deep, and between 5.3m and 8.3m wide.  (6' 6" ft deep, and 17'6" - 27ft wide).

IMPORTANT – if you are looking at a shaded area width of between 5.3m – 6.3m, then click here now for additional instructions.

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2. Large size - 2.3m deep, and between 10.5m and 8.5m wide.  (7' 6"ft deep, and 28 - 34ft wide) 

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Make sure you position Open Goaaal! on fairly flat ground or with an even slope.



 Poles and guy ropes MUST be anchored in firm grass, not a soil border.  Although click here


The ground pegs for the guy ropes sit below the surface of the lawn so that you can walk on top or mow over them if you need to.