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Soccer Goal + Rebounder + Backstop ALL IN ONE (Junior)

Also available at Amazon and Dick's Sporting Goods.  

Open Goaaal is a Patented Soccer Training Goal + Rebounder + Backstop ALL-IN-ONE!  Now you can practice like the pros without worrying about having to chase the ball down, breaking windows, going over the fence, or destroying the garden.  At 8 ft tall and up to 16 ft wide, the Open Goaaal rebounds the majority of missed shots, so you can continue your training!


Goal Size: 8 ft x 4.5 ft

Backstop/Rebounder: 8 ft Tall and 16 ft Wide!



  • STOP CHASING down bad shots
  • Missed shots REBOUND for uninterrupted practice
  • GET MORE out of practice time
  • NO MORE FENCE REPAIRS or bothering neighbors
  • HIDE THE NETTING while not in use for unobstructed views
  • RAISE THE NETTING to mow or keep away from pets

The inner white goal is approximately 8 ft x 4.5 ft. It's surrounded by a black rebound backstop net that's 8 ft high and 16 ft wide to stop the ball.

It hangs from a black bungee rope suspended between two 8 ft high green metal poles and is pegged to the ground.

The 2 steel poles sit in sockets that are inserted into the ground. They are held upright by guy ropes at either end. The Junior Size Open Goaaal width and height cannot be adjusted. 

The structure is sturdy and built to last, with 1.5mm thick painted steel poles, strong goal netting, and high-quality bungee and guy ropes to maintain its rigidity. The pegs and sockets are inserted below the surface of the grass so you can push a lawnmower over them.


You will need a rectangular area of grass 21 ft wide, and 5 ft 3 inches deep, in which to place the Open Goaaal.