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7 of the Best Smart Soccer Balls to Improve at Home

While many parents and coaches have not recommended practicing soccer in the living room in the past, that mindset is now changing. A smart soccer ball allows players to practice specific skills and drills in the comfort of their homes or outdoors. 

Depending on which smart soccer ball you choose, some are better for indoor use than others. Some of the best smart balls in soccer allow players of any age to practice solo or with their team using some of the best technology to help improve dribbling, speed, footwork, kicking, and ball control. 

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1. DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

Best for Enhancing All Skills


  • Compatible with iOS and Android tablets or phones
  • Training app
  • Durable
  • Includes a mini stand to place tablet or phone in
  • Great for first-time players


  • It can be pricey, depending on your budget

The DribbleUp smart soccer ball has many excellent features that help make it one of the best pieces of training equipment. The hand-stitched, high-quality ball does not require batteries or charging to operate. 

You can download the DribbleUp app to connect to the ball, as it uses gamification to enhance skills. It can connect with any iOS12+ or Android8+ tablet or smartphone, making it easy to use the ball wherever you go. 

A mini stand can be put on your phone or tablet when using the ball. If you want to join a real-time live class, you can use the training on the app for extra practice.

There are up to 30 training classes every week to make use of, but you need to be a paid subscriber to use the live training. 

The ball will last a long time because it is made of durable and high-quality hand-stitched material. If you are looking for a good ball for beginners, this is a great option to learn and enhance skills over time.

Since there are so many extensive features with the DribbleUp ball and app, it can seem pricey compared to other smart soccer balls. However, the price is worth it since you will have the ball for a long time, and it will help you build up your skills. 

The app also allows you to track your progress throughout your training and will break down and grade your performance. If you are looking for a smart soccer ball to help enhance your skills and help you gain confidence on the field, the DribbleUp smart soccer ball is an excellent choice.


2. Nightmatch Light Up Soccer Ball

Best for Nighttime Practice


  • Glows brightly in the dark for nighttime practice
  • Waterproof
  • Includes extra accessories
  • Great quality and durable


  • It might feel heavier than an average soccer ball

The Nightmatch light-up-soccer ball is the best glow-in-the-dark soccer ball. Since the LED lights light up brightly, you can feel confident practicing at nighttime and ensure you will not lose your ball during your practice. 

The smart soccer ball is ideal for fun with family, friends, or even your dog. It is durable, waterproof, and includes accessories such as a pump, replacement battery kit, and a video setup guide. 

Once the ball hits the surface, it causes it to light up and glows in the dark. The glow material is made of translucent natural rubber, and the rest of the ball is made from typical industrial rubber. 

The layer below the rubber is made of woven nylon fibers, ensuring your ball stays in the best shape for a long time.

Since there are a couple of layers on this ball, it might feel heavier than the average soccer ball, but it works just as well and glows in the dark. 

kickerball smart ball

3. Kickerball Curve and Swerve Soccer Ball

Best for Practicing Curving Shots and Toe Taps


  • Great for practicing toe taps, curving shots, swerve shots, and dipping shots
  • Moves freely in the air
  • Includes detailed instructions
  • Available in four colors


  • Not designed for matches

The Kickerball Curve and Swerve smart soccer ball is excellent for practicing toe taps and curving shots. Additionally, it is ideal for working on swerve shots and dipping shots. It allows you to bend, curve, and swerve quickly. 

It moves freely in the air because it is made from aerodynamic materials. This electronic soccer ball is best used for practicing and leisure, as it is not designed for regulation soccer. It is designed to help enhance your trick shots.

The design of the ball is similar to a boomerang. Once you take a shot, it comes right back to you. Goalkeepers might find this smart ball especially useful, and the bends from the Kickerball will have your defenders unsure when the next strike is. 

While this smart soccer ball is meant more for fun, you can still use it to practice and challenge yourself. Included with the ball is a set of detailed instructions, so you can understand how to use the ball quickly. 

senseball smart soccer ball

4. SenseBall Smart Soccer Kick Trainer

Best for Practicing Dribbling


  • Encourages you to play with both feet
  • It helps improve reaction time
  • Pro clubs have used this ball
  • Individual soccer training program on the app


  • There are no instructions

The SenseBall Smart Soccer Kick Trainer is the best soccer practice ball for practicing dribbling. Players ages 6 through 20 can train using this smart soccer ball. 

This training tool has been used by youth teams in more than 500 soccer federations and clubs, such as Leicester City, Belgian FA, Sporting Kansas City, AC Milan, Rangers FC, Sevilla FC, KRC Genk, Real Sociedad, RCSC Charleroi, RSC Anderlecht, FC Metz, FC Nangtes, and FC Lugano. 

The Senseball Smart Soccer Kick Trainer is one of the only soccer kick trainers that professional soccer clubs have recommended. You can use their individual soccer training program on their app to help build up your technique and ball control. 

Each Senseball contains a unique access code to allow you to get into the app and make use of exercise videos, video conferences, and the didactical program. 

The features on the app can help you build your unique next level training routine, encouraging the use of both feet during your training. It will help you gain the confidence to kick the ball using your weaker leg. 

The Senseball soccer kick trainer can help you achieve 500,000 touches of the ball throughout one season, using both feet to touch the ball. In addition, using this kick trainer ball can help you stay strong and avoid future injuries. The only thing the Senseball kick trainer ball is missing is a set of instructions.

quickplay soccer ball

5. Quickplay Replay Soccer Training Ball

Best for Practicing Kicking


  • It has a ball return system
  • Adjustable cord length
  • Quick setup
  • Great for training on most surfaces


  • It can be difficult to use for indoor soccer

The Quickplay Replay soccer training ball is the best interactive soccer ball for practicing kicking. This smart soccer ball includes a helpful ball return system, so the ball returns to the replay ball base after each time you kick the ball. 

The ball return system helps you increase your contact time with the ball, allowing you to work on your skills to the best ability. The Quickplay Replay soccer training ball can be used for solo or team training sessions. 

It has an adjustable cord length, allowing you to adjust the ball between 11 and 36 feet. The cord adjustment is helpful so you can find the best size that best suits your practice drill. 

To reduce the length of the cord, you just need to wrap it around the base of the ball and store it. The Quickplay Replay ball is designed to work well on all surfaces, but it works best outdoors instead of indoors. 

While you can still use the interactive training ball inside, you might notice that the ball moves around only a little for indoor training unless you have ample space. The rubber base is stable and durable, though, to place on any surface. The adjustable cord is also considered an anti-snap cord so it won’t break or twist during your practice. 

sklz soccer ball

6. SKLZ Star Kick Hands-Free Solo Soccer Trainer

Best for Improving Ball Control and Passing


  • Suitable for solo play
  • The adjustable neoprene ball glove fits 3 soccer ball sizes
  • Neoprene belt fits soccer players of most sizes
  • Great for training in small spaces


  • The cord is short and only stretches up to 18 feet

The SKLZ Star Kick Hands-Free Adjustable Solo Soccer Trainer is best to use on soccer balls to improve ball control, passing and can be used during endurance training drills to improve your skills and fitness level.

It is important to note that the SKLZ trainer is not a soccer ball but an adjustable ball glove and belt that fits the ball and the soccer player to help work on drills and enhance new skills. The flexible neoprene ball glove fits soccer balls sizes 3,4, and 5, and the neoprene belt is designed to fit players of most sizes. 

The SKLZ trainer is great for goalies and field trainers to train anywhere and work on their training. 

Since the cord only stretches up to 18 feet, this trainer is a good option for small indoor or outdoor spaces. It helps field players improve accuracy and passing control, while it helps goalkeepers work on reflexes and punting. The material is solid and durable, and you can count on it staying on your ball throughout your practice.

smart ball

7. Smart Ball Kick-Up Counting Power Ball

Best for Ball Juggling


  • Features a counting sensor
  • It comes in two colors
  • Includes a carry bag and a pump
  • Speaks words of encouragement


  • Not useful during a soccer match

The Smart Ball Kick-Up Counting Power Ball is the best digital soccer ball for ball juggling. This ball features a counting sensor that counts with lights and sounds. It allows you to challenge yourself to your fullest potential during your practice. 

It will count every time it makes contact with you, and you can use your shoulders, chest, legs, knees, and feet to prevent the ball from touching the ground. As you reach milestones with the Smart Ball, the ball will speak words of encouragement to you to help you stay confident and motivated. 

To make this ball more fun, it will light up every time it touches your body. This soccer ball is ideal for six year-old players or older. While it is an excellent ball for practice, it is not recommended during a match due to the lights and sounds. 

dribble up

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Smart Soccer Ball

A smart soccer ball is a good way for players to work on their skills independently or with the team. The technology in these soccer trainer balls and accessories can help to improve your overall fitness and can help you improve specific skills. 

Whether you work on these skills using a smart ball app or a cord to help practice your kicks, you should know specifically what to look for in your smart soccer ball.


You should know if you want to use your soccer skills for practice, matches, or both. Many smart soccer balls function as two-in-one, but some do not. Always check the size of your ball and that it is appropriate for your age and skill level. 


Like traditional soccer balls, the material of a smart soccer ball should be durable. Most quality smart soccer balls are designed using a hand-stitched material and will last a long time. Soccer balls made from nylon on the exterior are generally aerodynamic and robust. 


Many smart soccer balls are designed to help with specific skills and footwork, allowing them to be used in indoor and outdoor settings. Soccer balls that are meant to improve skills often have apps to help track your progression and track the movement of the ball. 

A tethered ball can also help with specific ball-handling skills, and a counting ball can help with juggling, depending on what you want to focus on. 


What is a smart soccer ball?

A smart soccer ball is more advanced than a regular soccer ball. It is more advanced because it either has the technology or an accessory to help you improve your skills during practice. 

Many balls are designed to work on specific skills and can analyze your progression over time using an app.

Do smart soccer balls work?

Smart soccer balls work to help improve skills and training for soccer because of their extra technical abilities. Specifically, they can help players train in small spaces or follow a training video to enhance skills.

Can I use DribbleUp on my TV?

Yes, the DribbleUp app can be streamed from your mobile device onto your TV. You can either use a smart TV to stream the app or plug in your device to the TV to show the DribbleUp soccer app on your TV screen. 

Final Thoughts

Enhancing your skills can become more accessible using a smart soccer ball for individual and group training. You can use a smart soccer ball to work on dribbling, passing, ball control, and shooting skills. 

To enhance your skills further, try using your smart soccer ball to practice shooting into a 3-in-1 trainer. The Open Goaaal 3-in-1 trainer can help make practicing with your smart ball more challenging. Check out the Open Goaaal 3-in-1 trainer today!

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