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10 Best Turf Soccer Shoes: Comfort, Performance, Design

Years back, only a few knew the necessity of choosing the right shoes while playing on artificial grass (AG).

But today, most soccer enthusiasts know the necessity of choosing the right soccer cleats for variations like FG (Firm Ground), SG (Soft Ground), and HG (Hard ground).

Turf soccer shoes are different from normal soccer shoes in terms of performance and design. 

Quite simply, it is not so easy to pick the best soccer footwear from a wide variety of options if you don’t know what you are doing.

So, what are the best turf soccer shoes?

We take a look at the top ten options to help you make the best choice.

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best turf soccer shoes overall

1. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleats


  • Excellent comfort levels
  • Premium construction ensures durability
  • Great stability even on uneven fields
  • Works well on hard grounds too


  • On the heavier side
  • A higher price tag

The Adidas Copa Mundial has been around for ages and still is a favorite among many soccer players. The turf version of the legendary shoes has similar features including the same natural Kangaroo leather wrapping the upper part.

Look closer and you will note a specially designed soleplate for artificial turf with conical studs that provide a solid grip. The outsole is made from Traxion; a special material that enhances grip. Moreover, the lug pattern is designed to improve balance and reduce slippage.

The fit is true to size and the leather upper molds around the feet- great for players with wide feet. Adidas has combined an EVA insole and midsole with a soft layer of synthetic cushioning. However, the shoe will need a few hours of break-in period.

As expected, the Adidas Mundial Team provides great durability and is as comfortable as an everyday leather shoe. Anyone who has loved using the Copa Mundial will not be disappointed with this version’s performance.

best turf soccer shoe runner up

2. Diadora Men’s Capitano Indoor Soccer Shoes


  • The rubber sole offers a good grip
  • Good level of cushioning
  • Superior finishing and durability
  • Affordable price tag


  • Lacks arch support
  • Offers a narrow fit

Diadora has quite a few top-end soccer cleats in its lineup at reasonable prices. While the Capitano lacks rubber studs that you will need for outdoor turf surfaces, it is a great option if you are playing indoor soccer.

The synthetic upper material is soft polyurethane that feels comfortable. The insole is a mixture of cotton and EVA foam. While that makes it good enough for indoor use, the arch support is on the lower side. 

Out of the box, these shoes feel somewhat stiff. You will need a few matches to break them down. The on-ball feel is great due to the relatively thin upper material.  The grip provided by the rubber outsole on turf surfaces is good. The planted sole allows you to make sharp turns and helps in ball control as well.

Overall, the Diadora Men’s Capitano is an affordable package that works great for Futsal matches.

best turf soccer shoes honorable mention

3. Puma Men’s King Top TT Sneaker


  • Top-grade finishing
  • Fold-over tongue adds comfort
  • Can be used on hard natural surfaces as well


  • Not the best choice for wide feet
  • A pricey option

Over the years, the Puma King range has developed a solid reputation for being high-quality soccer boots. The Top TT is based on the same platform but with some advanced features to perform as well as other modern turf shoes.

For starters, it has a soft K-leather upper for a comfortable feel. Below that, there is plenty of internal padding and an EVA midsole that can absorb shocks effectively.  Puma uses chevron-style rubber studs that ensure top-class stability during dribbling and sharp turns.

However, the leather quality is not premium across the entire top surface. On the plus side, the material is sufficiently breathable.

In short, the King Top TT are a pair of turf shoes that are great for the turf. But considering the price, we wish Puma had used premium-grade leather on the entire top.

adidas golleto turf soccer shoe

4. Adidas Goletto VIII Turf Soccer Shoe


  • Heel padding for comfort
  • Affordable price tag
  • Fits true to size


  • A basic design
  • Comfort levels a limited

Honestly, finding a quality soccer cleat that comes at less than $50 isn’t an easy task. Quite simply, the Adidas Goletto VIII lacks the bell and whistles of premium-grade turf shoes.

Adidas has used a lot of recycled content in this shoe to reduce environmental impact. The top layer is made from synthetic materials and the outsole is rubber. 

Both the upper and the soleplate have a supple feel and offer excellent comfort. Unlike cheap synthetic materials, there is no chance of blisters forming.

As expected from the price tag, the performance will not blow you away. The cushioning is average and the triangular lugs offer a good grip on the turf. Besides, the grip is good on firm ground too. 

The Goletto VIII are not elite-level turf soccer cleats by any means. But with a capable design and excellent affordability, they are one of the best shoes for turf for entry-level players.

new balance turf soccer shoes

5. New Balance Men’s Furon 4. Pro Soccer Shoe


  • Offers a snug and comfortable fit
  • Aggressive stud design
  • Overall durability is good
  • Minimum break-in time 


  • They feel heavy
  • Not all users like the lacing system

The Furon is New Balance’s answer to the top soccer cleats from top brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Not only do they look stylish, but they are also a great choice for a player looking for speed and precision on turf. 

The Furon 4.0 comes with a synthetic mesh upper and spongy insoles that feel super comfortable. Compared to the previous versions, the upper feels softer and more flexible.

It uses a FantomFit frame technology to ensure a secure fit that provides better ball control. That said, the mesh is not resistant to abrasions.

The soleplate feels firm and the stud pattern is aggressive enough to provide good traction. In fact, the stud length is perfect for both AG and firm natural grass surfaces.

While they are expensive, we think Furon 4 is one of the best cleats for turf soccer.

diadora turf soccer shoes

6. Diadora Brasil Sala Turf Shoes


  • The upper mesh offers support and breathability
  • Soft inner lining provides good comfort
  • Grippy rubber outsole
  • Good for hard and synthetic fields


  • The fit was too wide for some users
  • Limited color options

The Brasil Sala turf shoes from Diadora stand out from the other top turf soccer shoes due to their asymmetric design. The upper body is a combination of a breathable mesh exterior with an ultra-soft calfskin interior, resulting in excellent comfort. The anti-shock EVA foam midsole adds to the comfort factor.

The lightweight design and the roomy toe box of the shoe will ensure that your feet do not get tired. The rubber sole is scratch-proof and offers a great grip on turf surfaces, even if it is wet. 

The fit is good enough to offer a great ball feel. In addition, there is an “ergo-stop” shape on the sole that helps in stopping the ball. On the downside, some users mentioned stitching failures after a few months of use.

nike turf soccer shoes

7. Nike Unisex Soccer Shoe


  • A capable allrounder
  • Excellent breathability
  • True to size fit
  • Great build quality and durability


  • The fit was too wide for some users
  • An expensive option.

Technically, the Nike Metcon 6 is not specifically designed for soccer like the Nike Mercurial Vapor or the Mercurial Superfly. But if you are looking for a pair of training shoes that will work great on turf as well, they are a good pick.

Many users reported an overheating issue with the Metcon 5. Nike seems to have solved the problem with the Metcon 6 by using a perforated dual-layer mesh, without compromising the fit.

The midsole is made from dual-density polyurethane (PU) that offers good stability and cushioning.

The sole is thick and durable and offers a good grip. There is sufficient forefoot flexibility that allows you to sprint freely while offering great stability.

If you are a serious soccer player, we would not suggest the Metcon 6 for you. But it is an all-rounder that works great for occasional trips to a turf field.

adidas predator turf soccer shoes

8. Adidas Unisex Predator Edge 2 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


  • Excellent traction 
  • Grippy upper for better control
  • A regular fit
  • Solid quality and durability


  • Needs time to break in
  • Not the best comfort

The Adidas Predator Edge has been influenced by its predecessors from the Predator silo and comes with the same tank-like structure and higher weight. But in truth, it is more of a love-it-or-hate-it type of soccer cleat.

To start with, they look super cool with special rubber inserts on the top. But some may find the mid-cut design too aggressive.

Adidas uses a PRIMEKNIT upper structure that is textured to provide extra grip on the ball. This also allows players to make clean and accurate strikes. But some may find the upper lacking a natural and comfortable feel.

Moving on, the outsole is flexible and the turf version has rubber studs that provide a ton of grip. While the overall quality is top-of-the-line you will need some time to break in the Predators.

The Predator Edge is not the best turf soccer cleat for newbies with budget limitations. But experienced players who love the Predator DNA will find it a solid choice.

adidas mens copa turf soccer cleats

9. Adidas Men’s Copa 20.4 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe


  • An attractive design
  • Regular fit
  • An affordable option


  • Limited comfort level
  • The synthetic upper has limited breathability

The Copa 20.4 from Adidas is one of the most affordable soccer cleats you will find on Amazon. Needless to say, you will not find premium technologies and materials here like those in the top products like the Adidas X Speedportal. This is a modest synthetic shoe made from recycled materials.

Admittedly, that doesn’t make it a poor performer on turf. The studs offer a decent grip and the stitched forefoot helps in ball control. But if you are looking for better grip and ball control, there are better options.

Admittedly, the shoes are well-made and fairly comfortable. Plus, despite the lightweight design, there is some amount of arch support too. Considering the overall quality, they will also hold on well for a few years.

puma turf soccer shoes

10. Puma Men’s Ultra Match Turf Sneaker


  • Good build quality
  • Minimal break-in time
  • The fit is not restrictive


  • Minimum foot protection

While the Puma Ultra is not exactly a speed boot, it is a combination of fabric and synthetic materials to deliver superior performance on turf. The upper mesh is layered with Grip Control skin that provides a better grip on the ball.

The lightweight boot provides a snug fit and the upper material is flexible enough to accommodate wide foot shapes.

The EVA sole provides a good level of cushioning and the lugs in the outsole are designed to offer better grip and stability. However, you can't go laceless with these cleats.

Overall, the Ultra is a good offering from the wild cat brand that ticks the right boxes and is a value-for-money option.

Best Turf Cleats Buying Guide

Before buying a soccer cleat, the first step is to check with your club about the type of surface you will be playing on.

Also, do not head to the soccer field wearing football cleats. Best check out this soccer vs football cleats comparison for a clear idea.

Be warned: never buy a pair of soccer boots just because they are endorsed by stars like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Unlike other soccer gear, there are multiple important factors to keep in mind while buying the best turf soccer shoes

Take a look.


Firstly, turf soccer shoes should offer the right fit for you. Besides, the shape of the boot may not suit your foot shape. So, always try the boots before buying to ensure that they are not too tight.

While trying the shoe, make sure that your heel remains fixed without moving sideways or up and down in the heel cup. Also, your toes should not press too tightly in the toe box.

The other aspect is that men’s and women’s feet have different size requirements. The good news is, the top brands are adopting different design patterns for each gender.


Never buy a pair of soccer cleats unless you feel comfortable in them. And one aspect that determines the level of comfort is the cushioning in the shoe. 

But unlike running shoes, soccer cleats are not designed to offer the best cushioning. The focus is more on performance than on comfort and protection.

Even so, top-grade soccer boots come with some amount of midsole and arch support. If you don’t prefer a bare-bones feel, make sure that the top layer comes with a soft lining for additional comfort.


The material of turf soccer cleats depends on the price you pay for them. The primary options are leather and synthetic. There are a wide variety of synthetic materials that are durable and easy to break in.

Some of the best turf cleats have leather uppers that provide better comfort and mold to your foot shape. Additional benefits are breathability and a better feel of the ball.


The traction in a soccer cleat is all about the outsole and the length of the studs. The design and the pattern of studs in a soccer boot will vary. A little jog with the ball will help you judge the traction of a shoe.

Since AG surfaces do not need deep stud penetration, the studs used are shallower and mostly conical in shape. So shorter studs in turf cleats aren’t a bad thing.

Keep in mind that studs need not be inflexible. Rubber studs with flexibility will help in changing directions and sprinting.

soccer cleats


Weight is an important consideration for all the best soccer equipment. The best turf shoes come with a lightweight design that enables the player to move easily.

In general, synthetic materials are lighter than leather and fabric. The cut of the shoe also determines its weight.

That said, some of the popular soccer cleats like the Adidas Predators are not the lightest ones. The top brands are aware that a super lightweight design can affect structural integrity and performance. While lightweight shoes are better for fast movements, make sure that they are sufficiently durable.


It is important to do your homework before picking up a soccer cleat. The truth is, there are a few affordable and reliable brands beyond heavyweights. 

Most importantly, do not form your opinion about a brand by watching commercials. Ultimately, you need to pick a product that meets your requirements and budget.


As expected, the quality of soccer cleats is closely related to the price. Low-end turf soccer cleats can range between $40 - $150. Whereas the high-end designs can go as high as $350. 

Newbies trying out soccer should stick to budget models. More senior players can think of buying high-end shoes based on their budget.


Does turf ruin soccer cleats?

Not really. Eventually, all soccer cleats will wear out with use. But when you are using soccer cleats specifically designed for turf, they will deliver reliable performance.

How do I choose turf shoes?

Get feedback from the coaches and the other players about the best turf shoes. Do some basic research on the best turf soccer shoes based on your preferences and budget,

Is there a difference between turf and indoor soccer shoes?

Soccer shoes designed for outdoor shoes have longer studs and are relatively heavier in design. The soles of indoor soccer shoes are flatter with smaller studs.

Can I wear turf soccer shoes on grass?

Since grass is deeper than turf, the shallower studs of the turf shoes will not provide the best traction. However, if the grass is short and dry in your DIY backyard soccer field, you can try wearing turf shoes on it.

Final Thoughts

Buying the best turf soccer shoe that fits your needs is not exactly an easy task and needs some trial and error. 

After checking out some of the best turf soccer shoes, we picked the Adidas Performance Mundial soccer cleat as our top choice. Solid grip, excellent balance, and versatility are three reasons that make this our favorite.

And once you get a new boot, the first thing to do is to check out how it performs.

Perhaps it is too late to head to the field?

In that case, you can try them out in the backyard by using the Open Goaaal 3-in-1 Trainer. The innovative design of this soccer trainer allows you to enjoy focused training sessions to judge if your new soccer cleats are sharp enough.

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