24x8 soccer goal

The 24x8 Soccer Goal + Rebounder from Open Goaaal

This is a full-size professional grade goal from Open Goaaal that is 8 feet tall and 24 feet wide as per international standards. 

As with all our soccer trainers, this is a patented design that serves the three functions of a goal, rebounder, and backstop. It is a premium-grade product that offers excellent value for players with advanced skills.

The main features of the regulation goal are listed below:

  • The goal size is 24ft x 8ft and the surrounding rebounder is 13ft 3in tall and 37 ft wide.
  • The netting is high-quality UV-resistant polyurethane with a mesh diameter of 4 inches. The supports are made from galvanized steel
  • The rectangular installation space required for this 3-in-1 trainer is 50ft 2 inches wide and 8ft 2 inches deep 

Key Benefits

The 3-in-1 Regulation trainer ensures that the players can dedicate more time to practice without having to chase down the soccer balls. The rebounder and backstop can trap the missed shots and send them back into the playing field.

That minimizes the energy loss of the players and helps them to concentrate more on the practice sessions.

In addition, it also reduces the risks of breaking windows and fences in the neighborhood from missed shots. That means the players can practice freely and take more shots at the target. Without having to worry about these issues, the players can get more out of the practice drills.  

Since soccer drills for older kids are more elaborate and complex, the trainer is the perfect tool to keep them focused on the practice.

Each 3-in-1 trainer from Open Goaaal is made from top-grade materials. They pass through a strict quality control check to provide superior durability and long-term performance. The rebounder can withstand 1000s of full-power shots without tearing or ripping. It also retains elasticity to function for years without failing.

The Regulation size 3-in-1 trainer is ideal for soccer players above 12 years of age. However, unlike our Large and Standard trainers, the size cannot be adjusted. You can hide or raise the net when the product is not in use. That will help to prevent damage from pets or other stray animals.

Setting up the Open Goal is simple and each product comes with detailed instructions. In addition, there’s also a video guide that you can refer to.

Two adults can set up this goal within 1.5 hours. The material is also weather-resistant. That means you need not set it up daily. 

Since the regular trainer needs a large space to set up, we suggest you check the available space before buying.

We do not recommend it for artificial turf with a concrete or gravel base. A grass and dirt base is the best option to ensure stability for the trainer. 

All the Open Goaaal trainers are covered by a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Patch kits are available to repair any accidental damage.

This Open Goaaal trainer is the perfect choice for continuous soccer practice without having to worry about missed shots. Compared to the other professional size goals and rebounders in the market it is affordably priced and provides excellent value.

All in all, it is a professional-grade product that will help to add an edge to the skill of the players.

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