Soccer Goal and Rebounder

Soccer Goal and Rebounder

Behind the success of every sport are good quality tools and equipment. With soccer, having the right soccer goal is important especially when you are just a beginner. It also helps that you have a good soccer rebounder to help you during your training. You can train with a good soccer rebounder and get better skills.

Choosing the Right Soccer Net for Your Soccer Goal 


Different soccer goals have corresponding soccer nets; standard goal frames have standard net sizes. A one-size-fits-all configuration does not work with soccer goals and soccer nets. Depending on your child’s age will depend on what size of the net is best. For more information, take a look at our blog on regulation goal sizes


Professional soccer goals are usually deeper with more room inside the goal. These soccer goals would require deeper soccer nets as well. To know what types of nets to look for you should look for soccer nets with three or more dimensions. 

The first two dimensions refer to the height and width of the net while the last one or two dimensions refer to the soccer net’s depth at the top and bottom base. 

Rope Thickness

Rope thickness depends on the soccer net. For cheaper soccer nets, they would usually require only 2 mm of rope thickness. However, if your soccer net is more expensive and used by professional and elite players, you must increase the rope thickness from 3 mm to 3.5mm. Thicker ropes will be able to withstand stronger and forceful shots by athletes.

Mesh Width 

The tighter the net mesh is, the more durable soccer nets are. Modern soccer goals have secure net fastener systems for better security of the net to the frame. It is better to look into these types of soccer goals. You can also choose to buy the bars and clips separately and then install them to your soccer goals. 

Features of a Good Soccer Rebounder

best soccer rebounder

Having a soccer rebounder is a good investment, especially when just starting with your soccer training. Choosing the right soccer rebounder can help you get better with soccer and eventually become a master at it!

What are soccer rebounders mainly for? Soccer rebounders are like soccer goals, but spring netting allows them to react and return the ball at you. With this, you can train your shooting power, accuracy, precision in movements, and speed even when just training alone. 

Rebounders can also be used when you need to train your passing and receiving skills from different angles. For goalkeepers, they can use these rebounders to train their footwork, throwing, and diving skills. For a good rebounder, there are features that you must look for before buying one.


There are many sizes of rebounders depending on the player’s needs and wants. When deciding on the sizing of your soccer rebounder, you have to know about your age and which part of soccer training you want to focus on. 

When you look into the sizing of soccer rebounders, you should also consider their portability. Smaller rebounders may be more portable than larger ones. However, small rebounders might be too easy to be knocked over for stronger players. Therefore, choosing the right size of rebounders would mainly depend on who will use them. 


The rebounder frames need to be sturdy and durable so that your rebounder will not easily tip over when you use it. Rebounder framings are made of different materials, and these materials all have different advantages and disadvantages. 

For plastic and fiberglass rebounders, they are lightweight and flexible. However, since they are too light, they can get easily knocked over, especially when the player is already an adult. Plastic and fiberglass rebounders are recommended for children.

Sturdier than plastic and fiberglass are aluminum and steel which can withstand heavier kicks with stronger impacts. With soccer rebounders made with metal framing, you can test different levels of your kicking power.

Choose rebounder framing with round tubing and all-weather coating. Round tubing can prevent potential ruptures while the all-weather coating helps keep materials from rusting. Another important aspect of your rebounder framing is its shape. Look for rebounders with different angles and adjustable components to better prepare for real soccer games on the field.

soccer rebounder for practice


Your rebounder’s netting should also be durable. All-weatherproof netting with small, tight knits is recommended. An all-weather netting can still function well during rainstorms; small tight knits can react better to forceful kicks and smaller soccer balls. 

Also, the material of the netting is important. Nettings are commonly made with a bungee cord or spring. These two materials can provide tension and allow rebounding qualities. Between the two, springs are better since they are more efficient in withstanding different weather conditions. Both materials are replaceable, so the decision as to what material to choose will depend on your wants and needs. 

Multipurpose Rebounders 

Sometimes, the less equipment used, the better and the more efficient it is. Some soccer rebounders can also be used as soccer goals,  making them useful and multifunctional. For multipurpose rebounders, the rebound net is attached to the face of the goal by bungees or springs. These types of rebounders are preferred when you have multiple training sessions in just one afternoon. 

Open Goaaal for Soccer Training

With Open Goaaal, we are dedicated to helping you become more active in soccer with our high-quality Open Goaaal soccer equipment. Open Goaaal soccer combines soccer goals that rebound and backstops to enhance your soccer training even at home!

Perfect for all ages, Open Goaaal Soccer is an all-in-one soccer training equipment with different sizes and can fit in any yard. This equipment allows you to practice your goals and your kicks even in the comfort of your own home. 

With the rebounder in place, you do not have to be hassled by picking up the ball every time you kick. The soccer rebounder rebounds most of your missed shots so you can continue with your soccer training. This all-in-one soccer goal makes sure that you get to train and hone your soccer skills and help you become a professional soccer player one day!

The Right Skills Start with the Right Equipment

The right equipment can help you get better at any sport that you want. With soccer, proper soccer goals and rebounders are important, especially when you have just started training. For reliable and durable soccer equipment, make sure to check Open Goaaal for different styles and features to match your wants and needs!

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