Are you ready for your child to join a kids’ soccer league? 

Before your child steps out on the field for kids’ soccer tryouts, you must come prepared. It can be intimidating to try something new, especially when it comes to sports. 

More so, you don't want your child to be the only one on the team who doesn't make it, so you want to try and do everything possible to help them succeed.

This article will help you prepare for soccer tryouts and ensure your child is ready for the challenge. It's also designed to help them get in the right playing mindset and give them confidence.

To learn more about how to prepare for kids’ soccer tryouts, read on!

Tips for Kids’ Soccer Tryouts 

kids soccer practice

Before Tryouts 

Days or weeks before youth soccer tryouts, your kid must be kept in proper shape and form. They can do exercises that can help them maintain or enhance their stamina. 


Jogging can help with his endurance, and sprints can help with your kid’s agility and balance. Your kid can also practice shooting, receiving, and controlling the soccer ball. 


Days before the tryouts, it is important that your kid has mastered his technique on the field. You want them to be comfortable even when they’re just practicing so that by the time the day of their tryouts arrives, your kid’s very much ready. 

Day of Youth Soccer Tryouts 

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Arrive Early

On the day of tryouts, we recommend going early to the field. This way, your kid will have ample time to warm up and prepare themselves.


If there are no specified jerseys or types of clothing to be worn, your kid should wear distinctive colors. It would give the coaches an easier time simply pointing at your kid when they need to ask for opinions. 

Encourage Your Kid

Get your kid’s head in the game. They have to play vigorously like they’re already in a tournament. Always advise your kid not to hold anything back and try to score as many balls as possible;  it would make them a great influence in the game. 

Make It A Fun Experience

Even though the tryouts are important for your kid, encourage them to make friends still and communicate during the game. This aspect can bring out the leadership and proper communication in the game that can greatly impact soccer tryouts. 

Ask Questions

Encourage your kid to ask questions when they do not understand instructions. Remember that it is better to ask when in doubt rather than just doing what your kid thinks is right. 

Types of Soccer Drills 

soccer drills

Different youth soccer drills can help improve your kid’s overall soccer performance during the tryouts. Moreover, doing soccer drills can also make soccer training sessions more fun and interactive. Your kid can do different types of fun soccer drills to prepare for their soccer tryouts.

Warm-Up Drills 

Doing different warm-up drills are great to keep your kid’s body in shape. They can improve your kid’s cardiovascular strength and also their muscle performance. 

1. The Cone Chase 

The cone chase is a fun soccer drill that can improve your kid’s competitiveness, awareness, and attentiveness. It can also work on their ability to think and react fast. See more on this drill here

2. Pac Man 

Pac Man is another warm-up drill that best teaches kids how to accelerate quickly on the field while also eyeing their opponents’ positions. It mainly trains your kid’s competitiveness, fast reflexes, agility, and balance. View this drill here

Dribbling Drills 

Dribbling drills are mainly done to help your kids with ball control. These drills teach your kid how to take control of the ball while running past opponents without being tackled. Ultimately, dribbling drills help teach your kids how to run on the field to ultimately score. 

1. Snake in the Grass 

The main goal of this dribbling drill is to improve your kid’s overall body coordination and movements. It also teaches your kid how to think fast and react faster. View this drill here

2. Red Light Green Light 

“Red Light Green Light” is a dribbling drill that aims to improve your kid’s ball-handling and ball control even in tight spaces. This soccer drill teaches your kid how to react quickly to coach commands and keep the soccer ball close and controlled. Check out this drill here

Soccer Passing Drills

Soccer passing drills are mainly aimed at teaching your kid how to work with their team. This drill will teach your kid how to pass the ball to their team members and work as a team.

Triangle Combination Soccer Passing Ball

This drill teaches your kid different passing combinations during a game. It teaches trust, efficiency when working as a team, and sharpens your kid’s skills when playing. This drill can also improve your kid’s balance and body coordination. View this drill here

Soccer Shooting Drills for Kids 

This drill improves your kid’s scoring ability. With this drill, your kid will gain confidence and skills to score more goals.

Penalty Box Soccer 

Penalty Box Soccer is played right next to the goalpost in the penalty area. It teaches your kid how to remain calm when scoring, become supportive of other teammates as they score, score more goals themselves, and learn from their past mistakes. Check out this drill here

Best Soccer Equipment for Tryouts 

Soccer tryouts are just as important as main soccer games. With this in mind, proper soccer equipment can also help your kids during training sessions and youth soccer tryouts. 

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With the overall performance of this soccer training equipment, you’ll be able to get your money’s worth!

Preparing for Your Kids Soccer Tryout

Kid soccer tryouts are fun and engaging. Their training sessions should also be interactive, effective, and productive for your kids to succeed in their tryouts. 

To do this, having good soccer training equipment helps. At Open Goaaal, we have curated and created the best soccer training equipment to help your kids achieve their ultimate soccer goal!