A soccer field layout can change depending on if it is FIFA regulated, if a high school or college league plays, or if it is a youth team playing. A professional soccer field is usually 120 yards long by 75 yards wide. 

The layout and dimensions of the field of play are essential to ensure all players understand their boundaries, team areas, and the game's laws. Understanding proper soccer field layout and dimensions are necessary to ensure your team meets and follows regulations.

soccer field dimensions

Standard Soccer Field Dimensions 

Standard soccer field dimensions are rectangular, and the width does not exceed the length. The width should be any more than 80 yards or less than 65 yards. The length should not exceed 120 yards and should not be any less than 110 yards. 

It is acceptable for less than minimal dimensions if both competing institutions provide written consent. The typical soccer field has dimensions of 75 yards by 120 yards. The soccer field can vary depending on who is playing. FIFA Standard requires a length between 100 and 130 yards and a width of 50 to 100 yards. 

An international team requires a minimum of 110 and 120 yards and a width of 70 to 80 yards. A youth soccer field’s dimensions can vary depending on the age group and size of the players. Parents of youth players should know the field dimensions for their child’s league to ensure they play using the right goal size.

A youth sized goal, like the 3 in 1 trainer, is perfect for helping your child prepare for adult soccer. Youth fields range in size from 15 by 30 yards to 60 by 100 yards. 

Soccer Field Layout 

The markings that are inside the field of play have requirements that must be met. The penalty box, goal box, corner kick location, center circle location, and other vital areas must all be specific sizes. 

soccer field layout - goal box

Goal Box

The goal box starts 6 yards from the ends of both sides of the soccer goal post and extends 6 yards onto the field of play. Another marking connects the ends of the two to make the goal box. 

soccer field layout - penalty box

Penalty Box

The penalty box is laid out like the goal box. It is different, however, because its measurement is 18 yards. It goes 18 yards into the field of play and is 18 yards from the goal posts. It is joined with another mark to make the penalty box.

soccer field layout - penalty kick mark

Penalty Kick Mark 

12 yards away from the middle of the goal, the penalty kick mark is placed. The penalty kick mark is where kicks are made inside the penalty box.

soccer field layout - penalty kick arc

Penalty Arc

The penalty arc is outside the penalty box and has a radius of 10 yards. The penalty kick mark is in the middle. You need a penalty arc to ensure all players are 10 yards away from the penalty kicker, at the least.

soccer field layout - center circle

Center Circle

The center circle is placed where you probably assume, in the center of the field. It has a radius of 10 yards. The center of the circle is the most accurate center location on the entire field of play.

soccer field layout - corner arc

Corner Arc

A corner kick is taken in the corner arc. The corner arc’s radius is 1 yard and ¼ circle in each corner of the field of play. The ball must stay within the corner arc when taking a corner kick. It is important to note that some fields will have a marking 10 yards away from the corner arc. This is to help prevent players from getting closer than 10 yards to each other during a corner kick.

Flag Post

The corner flag posts, located at each corner of the soccer field, even have regulations. The flag posts can not be any less than 5 feet tall and must be placed at each corner of the field.

understanding soccer layout markings

Understanding the Markings on a Soccer Field 

The markings on a soccer field mark corner arc, penalty box, soccer goal box, penalty arc, sideline, penalty kick mark, end line, sideline, halfway line, and center circle. The lines used to make these markings are used to create boundaries.

How Big Is a Soccer Field?

The boundaries on a soccer field can vary depending on if the soccer team is FIFA, International, NFHS high school, NCAA college, or youth. A typical soccer field is 75 by 120 yards, which meets FIFA regulations for a professional-sized soccer field.

How Many Feet is a Soccer Field? 

The optimum size soccer field dimensions in feet are 360 feet long by 225 feet wide, which equals the same as a field measuring 120 yards by 75 yards. Many professional soccer fields can vary in feet, depending on if the team playing is an international, NCAA college, NFHS high school, or positions in a youth league.

Is a Soccer Field Bigger Than a Football Field? 

A soccer field is bigger than a football field. A soccer field is usually 75 yards wide but can be as wide as 100 yards in some cases. A football field usually is limited to 53 ⅓ yards wide. 

Overall, the square footage of a professional FIFA soccer field is larger than an NFL-regulation football field. The playing area in a typical soccer field is 9,000 square yards, while the playing area in football is typically only 5,400 square yards.

Final Thoughts 

Understanding the proper soccer field layout is essential for players to follow the rules, regulations, and boundaries. The soccer field size can vary depending on whether the leagues are FIFA-regulated, international, NFHS high school, NCAA college, or youth. 

An official FIFA-regulation soccer field measures between 100 to 130 yards long and 50 to 100 yards wide. However, a typical soccer field usually measures 120 yards long by 75 yards wide. No matter which league you are in, you should know a typical soccer field layout and its measurements.