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Goalkeeper Glove Sizing Chart: Which Size Gloves Do You Need?

Get this: even the best goalkeeper with top-level skills and lightning quick reflexes will not be able to perform as well without the right gloves.

But picking goalkeeper gloves is not the same as picking gloves for regular use. Goalie gloves have multiple components to optimize comfort and performance and for first-time buyers, choosing the right size can be tricky.

The best way to pick the right size is by taking the right measurement of your hands and  following a standard goalie glove size chart.

Beyond that, there are a few other pointers that players and coaches need to keep in mind about goalkeeper glove sizes. For starters, take a look at the standard goalkeeper glove sizing chart.

How to Determine Soccer Gloves Sizing

To understand the right soccer glove sizing, it is important to know about the four major components of a goalie glove.

Fingers- The fingers are the most important part of the gloves as they play a key role in gripping the ball.

Backhand- The backhand protects the hands while punching the ball. The performance and quality depend on the thickness and the material type. It is connected to the palm area.

Palm- The palm area needs to offer proper grip and flexibility to grip the ball. They might be made of special materials for enhanced grip.

Closure- This is the area around the wrist and determines how secure the gloves feel on the hand. This area has the least impact on glove sizing.

The most important variable while determining glove size is measuring your hand size. Every glove size guide is based on hand measurements. And the size of soccer gloves is not just about the fingers.

Each size provides an optimum ratio of all these components for the best fit. 

Once you get the right size, the next step is picking the right cut. Glove cuts are determined by the way that the palm area of the gloves is constructed. This has an impact on the flexibility of the gloves and the “feel” of the ball that it offers.

Goalkeeper Glove Sizing Chart

Use this chart to give yourself a rough idea of what size goalie glove you need based on the size of your hand. 

goalkeeper glove sizing chart

How to Measure Your Hand Size for Gloves?

There are two ways to find the keeper's glove size by taking hand measurements. 

To be honest, none of the methods are foolproof. You may try both these ways to find out what works best or combine them to get the best of both worlds.

Method 1

  • Measure the distance between the end of the palm to the tip of the middle finger. 
  • Round up the number and then add a size. For example, if the measurement is 6.6 inches, round it up to 7. Then add one to reach the size of 8 which is the correct choice.

While this is the general rule, the method has a drawback. The addition of the extra length can make the gloves fit too loosely.

Method 2

  • Use the tape to measure the circumference of the widest part of the hand. This should be the area right above the thumb.
  • Again, round up the measurement to the nearest inch and add 1 to find the correct glove size.

Some consider the size guide to be less accurate than the previous one. However, there are brands that use both these measurements in their goalkeeper glove size chart. 

Since our hands can be unequal in size, make sure to measure both hands while using these methods. Then use the larger dimensions to pick the right size. 

It is necessary to pick a glove that is slightly larger than the actual hand size. The extra dimension you need to consider depends on individual hand shapes and preferences. In general, anywhere between 1/4" to 1/2" should be a good limit.

While you can manage by wearing slightly larger soccer jerseys or shorts, it is not the same with goalie gloves.

If the fit is too large it will affect the comfort and lead to a lack of grip on the soccer ball. A slightly larger size will also leave more space in the palm area and the back of the hand.

On the other hand, if a glove is too tight it will feel uncomfortable in the hand. Moreover, the extra stress on the seams will lead to premature tears.

Keep in mind that you should always wear a pair of gloves and check how the glove fits before deciding. So, buying gloves from a store that has a definite return policy is a good idea. And once bought, wear them during goalie drills to get used to the feel.

soccer goalie

The Importance of Following a Goalkeeper Glove Sizing Chart

Even if you have a premium quality goalkeeper glove on your wishlist, it may not be the best fit for your hands. The only way to pick the best gloves from a range of products is by following a standard goalie glove size chart. 

To make things more difficult, there are minor size differences between manufacturers. In addition, there are different sizes for adults, small adults or youth, and a child. Most brands have their own goalkeeper glove size guide.

So, following the charts is your best bet to find the best fit.

How Does Goalkeeper Finger Protection Affect Glove Size?

Many parents prefer a soccer goalie glove with additional finger protection for their kids. These gloves contain molded plastic inserts that allow one-directional movement only and prevent the fingers from over-stretching. 

However, these inserts also affect the glove size. Your standard glove size may feel too tight if finger protection is added. You might need to go one size up to accommodate these finger protection elements.

Why Should You Not Use Finger Protection in Goalie Gloves?

While finger protection is good for protecting the goalkeeper's hand, it has a few downsides. Take a look.

  • By restricting finger movement, it will impact the gripping ability of the gloves. 
  • It can limit the feel of the ball which is not a good choice for young goalkeepers.
  • Rather than gripping and controlling the movement of the ball, finger protection can make young goalkeepers focus more on punching the ball away.
  • They will make a pair of gloves more expensive.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, a goalkeeper needs to train with gloves of the right size to deliver the best performance between the sticks. Following a goalkeeper glove sizing chart is the best option for making the right selection.

Soccer glove sizing is not as simple as picking other soccer accessories like cleats or shin guards. But once you get an idea about matching your hand size with the standard size charts, it gets easier

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