16x7 soccer goal

The 16x7 Soccer Goal + Rebounder from Open Goaaal

Open Goaaal is a premium soccer training product that has patented features to allow you to plan versatile training sessions for young players.

With a 16x7 soccer goal, this is one of our largest 3-in-1 trainers that also includes a rebounder and backstop. The product is made from high-grade materials that ensure an unfailing performance.

The main features of the trainer are listed below:

  • The product has a 16ft x 7ft goal size. The basic size of the rebounder is 10ft tall x 29ft wide. However, the width can be adjusted to 22ft.
  • The netting material is high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene with a mesh diameter of 4-inches. The powder-coated galvanized steel poles ensure durability.
  • Top-quality bungee and guy ropes can withstand high-impact shots and ensure stability.
  • This Open Goaaal trainer can be set up in an area of width between 28ft - 34ft. The depth required is 7ft 6inches.
16x7 open goaaal

Key Benefits of the 16x7 Soccer Goal

This 3-in-1 trainer has been designed to ensure that the training never stops. It allows your players to practice like pros, without risking broken windows or damaged gardens. With the backstop and rebounder, there is no need to go over fences to chase the balls. So, the players get more time to develop their skills and concentrate on the practice.

While the mesh backstop prevents the missed shots from flying away, the elastic rebounder rebounds the shots back to the playing zone. This cuts down the time wasted chasing bad shots and prevents interruptions in the practice sessions. 

With a 16x7 soccer goal, this trainer is ideal for players between 8-12 years of age or older. The adjustable width makes it a more flexible option for players with advanced skills. Since they get more time to focus on the practice, the players can practice the drills and develop their soccer skills at a quicker rate. Moreover, it also makes practice more fun.

16x7 soccer open goaaal

The use of durable PE material and galvanized steel poles makes this 16x7 soccer goal durable and weather resistant. The material is strong enough to withstand the hardest shots and will last for years without failing. It is also covered by a one-year warranty against all forms of manufacturing defects.

This product comes with a set of instructions that makes setting it up quick and simple. For further help, you can also check out the video containing the necessary guidelines. The entire unit is pegged to the ground and no digging is required. Two adults can set it up within 1.5 hours.

A grass and dirt bed is best for setting up the Open Goaaal trainer. So, we would not recommend it for artificial turf beds with a concrete or gravel base. When the practice is over, you can hide or raise the netting to prevent any damage from pets or other animals.

The Open Goaaal 3-in-1 trainer is a great value to help your young players hone their skills and practice independently. 

A brilliant design makes it more affordable than buying a 16 x 7 goal, backstop, and rebounder separately. If you want the kids to develop their soccer skills at a fast rate, this 16x7 soccer goal with a rebounder and backstop is a great investment.

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