The 6x4 Soccer Goal + Rebounder from Open Goaaal

The 6x4 Soccer Goal + Rebounder from Open Goaaal

The Open Goaaal 6x4 soccer goal is a patented soccer training tool that has been specially designed to allow players to focus more on the game. It combines the three functions of a 6x4 soccer goal, rebounder, and backstop into a premium-grade product that makes it a great tool for players of all positions.

Main features of the product are listed below:

  • The size of the soccer goal is 6ft x 4ft. The rebounder is 6 ft 7 inches tall and 13ft 9 inches wide.
  • The netting material is high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene and the mesh diameter is 4-inches. The high-quality bungee ropes and poles ensure stability.
  • The space required for installation of the Open Goaaal trainer is 19 ft 2 inches wide and 5ft 3 inches deep.
6x4 soccer goal

Key Benefits of the 6x4 Soccer Goal

The primary structure of the Open Goaaal is the 4 x 6 soccer goal which is an integral part of all soccer training sessions. Surrounding it is the large rebounder which ensures that the majority of the missed shots get rebounded. That means the players need not spend their time chasing down the soccer balls.

The backstop also minimizes the chance of losing balls so that the players can enjoy an uninterrupted practice session. This lessens the chance of breaking windows and fences, or damaging gardens. By using the Open Goaaal, players can focus more on the game and make the best of the soccer practice drills without minimum time loss. The rebounder also allows the players to focus more on shot accuracy and timing.

The high quality of the net ensures that it can rebound full power shots from players of all ages and skill levels without tearing or ripping. Even with years of use, the material can keep absorbing heavy impacts without deformation. So, there is no need for frequent repairing of the net. 

6x4 soccer goal in yard

Our robust design also ensures weather resistance allowing you to use it under the full sun or rain. When not in use, you can hide the netting to keep it away from pets or other animals.

Since it is lightweight, this Open Goaaal unit is easy to carry around and set up. The starter unit with its 6x4 soccer goal is best for players between 4-5 years of age.

Setting up this 6x4 soccer goal is simple by following the given instructions. There is also a setup video for additional guidance. The unit can be set up within 1.5 hours by two people. The Open Goaaal needs a grass and dirt base to set up. It is not recommended for artificial turfs with concrete or gravel bases.

The Open Goaaal comes with a one-year warranty against all forms of manufacturing defects. Being a starter model designed for the best playing experience, this 6x4 soccer goal is not adjustable.

However, some of the larger models of Open Goaaal can be adjusted. We recommend that you pick the largest size that fits your available space. 

The Open Goaaal 3-in-1 trainer is the perfect tool whether you are practicing in the backyard or on a playing field. Young players need to concentrate on the game to maximize training efficiency. The Open Goaaal ensures that you are giving them the best possible training sessions with versatile training options.

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