We recommend that you do not do this, because many garden fences are old, rotten, and potentially liable to fall over.  Open Goaaal! anchoring has a high level of tension that your fence may not be able to support.

However, from our research we recognise that many people may choose to do this anyway.  This is because it is a useful way of spreading the poles closer to the side of the garden when there is a soil border that stops you from inserting the guy rope anchors.

Therefore the following guidance is intended for people who have made their own choice to do this, against our recommendation, and recognising the following:

  1. You are completely confident in the strength of the fence posts.
  2. The fence is either your property, or you have the permission of the neighbour who’s fence it is.  Otherwise you could be committing criminal damage to their fence.
  3. You agree that Open Goaaal USA, Land Run Brands bears no liability for any damage or injury caused should the fence collapse.

The guy ropes cannot be anchored in soil.  Therefore some people fasten the guy ropes to the bottom of the fence posts.         

Side view


If you attempt this, we believe it’s very important not to attach the ropes high up because the lateral force of the ropes could cause the fence to tip over.  It would make sense to attach the ropes right at the very bottom.

A “galvanised cleat hook” (pictured above right) would be a good device to fasten to each of the 4 fence posts, and can be bought from most hardware stores.   Also, before you buy, test inserting a screw into your fence post, as this can be surprisingly tough.

The same principles apply as are explained in your instructions manual;  although the distance from the pole to the fence could be longer than 75cm depending on the width of the border. 

However please bear in mind 2 factors:

1. Place the pole in the middle of 2 fence posts so that the guy ropes are evenly spread.

2. Do not use the last panel of the side fencing as the ball may smash the fence behind. 

View from above