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The Open Goaaal Story

The Open Goaaal Story

Open Goaaal (OG) is a soccer goal invented by a frustrated father of a young soccer player. We've all experienced it in in the back yard....After years of chasing soccer balls over the fence, or down the block; fetching balls from the flower beds, or the neighbors yard, Jonathan figured there has to be a better solution. After some research, Jon found that his experience was not unique at all...rather it was the norm! Soccer nets, goals, trainers, and rebounders were often more of a pain point than a source of enjoyment (for the parents at least!).

Based on those experiences, Open Goaaal was born.  We can honestly say there has never been another soccer net like it! No more worry about blasting shots just over the cross bar and into the neighbor's yard. The rebounder net that surrounds the soccer goal, simply rebounds the shot back. The Open Goaaal is not just a soccer net, not simply a soccer rebounder or a soccer goal...It is all of that in one brilliant package!

As the commercials say..."But wait, there's more!". Unlike other soccer nets or soccer rebounders on the market, the Open Goaaal addresses other common issues.  Once installed, the net can easily be raised in order to mow or edge around it. Although the rebounder net is nearly invisible when installed, it can also be easily pushed to one side, like a curtain, when not in use! The rebounder net itself, is also adjustable in width. This allows some flexibility in the space required to set it up. Between the 3 sizes of OG goals available, and the adjustable width soccer rebound net, there should be an Open Goaaal in every soccer player’s backyard!

Beyond the brilliant functionality of the actual product, the OG soccer goal rebounder net has numerous practical benefits. As mentioned previously, it eliminates the time spent chasing down bad shots (unless they are REALLY bad)! Not only is this good for the kids, it's good for the parents...we can shoot with power on our little goal keepers, without worry about missing and having to spend 10 minutes retrieving the ball! The shots that miss, rebound right back into play. This means more actual practice, more training, more time focusing on the soccer skills that matter, and less time fetching soccer balls.

So, it goes without saying, the Open Goaaal is truly a revolutionary soccer training product. Whether you are looking for a soccer net for kids, or a soccer goal for a teen, we have the ultimate solution for backyard soccer training.  The kids will spend more time playing and less time chasing soccer balls...and better yet, less time on the XBOX!  Don’t waste your time buying a soccer goal, a soccer rebounder, and a soccer net…save the money (and space) and get the Open Goaaal! Better yet, get to and sit back and watch the kids play for hours. We are sure you enjoy Open Goaaal that we provide a 30-day return. Details can be found here