The net's quality has a significant impact on its longevity. The soccer net must be made of good quality material to withstand continuous hits from soccer balls. Its quality also affects its resilience against different weather conditions. 

The material that makes up the soccer net and the mesh size contribute to the soccer net's durability.

How Do I Know if My Soccer Net is High Quality?

It’s vital to have a thick cord and adequate mesh size to have a good quality soccer net. Most senior players and those over 12 years of age also prefer the thicker kind and smaller mesh sizes for soccer nets. Take note that one size does not necessarily fit all goals! 

With this in mind, you should determine all the specifications that you need before purchasing soccer nets. This step prevents you from getting oversized or undersized soccer nets for your soccer goal. You also save yourself from unnecessary stress, time, and effort when buying soccer nets.

Most soccer nets are made from polyethylene or nylon. There are also various cord thicknesses and sizes for their mesh. A soccer net's quality is identified through the thickness of the cord and mesh size. A good quality soccer net can hold out against more intense soccer play than subpar quality soccer nets.

What Should I Know When Buying a Soccer Net?

In checking soccer equipment, it’s crucial to check on specific elements that determine their quality. Many parents, players, and soccer coaches may not put any thought into the soccer nets they are using for their soccer goal, but the net contributes significantly to the soccer game.

A soccer net that has been battered, worn out, and damaged should be replaced with a new soccer net since it plays an integral part in the soccer game. It would be best to consider the different options available before spending money on soccer nets. Soccer nets might look all the same, but they differ in some aspects. 

Here are the things to consider in determining soccer net quality:

1. Size

Standard net sizes are available for standard goal frames. A 6.5' x 12' soccer goal is recommended for young players. For this soccer goal size, you must prepare a 6.5' x 12' soccer net to place on it.

2. Depth

Advanced soccer goals offer more profound and broader measurements. For the frames of progressive soccer goals, the soccer net that you purchase must correspond to the depth of these goals for a good fit. 

Look for soccer nets with three or more dimensions. The first two dimensions correspond to the net's height and width, while the remaining dimensions are the net's depths for the top and bottom.

3. Mesh Width

The tightness of a soccer net mesh also determines its durability. A typical soccer net mesh has a width of 120mm. There are also soccer nets with tighter knits of mesh that are available in the market. Tighter knits measure 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches. 

Improvements on soccer nets are evident today with enhanced net security and better fastener systems using clips and bars to attach the net to the frame. Another option is the use of Velcro strips in securing nets to frame poles. It is recommended to replace soccer goal nets every two years.

The Best Soccer Nets: Open Goaaal Soccer Nets

Open Goaaal (OG) offers a combination of a soccer goal, backstop, and rebounder. It comes with a great wall of tensioned netting that surrounds the goal. 

Open Goaaal allows players to have more time to practice soccer and minimize the time spent chasing soccer balls, going over fences, blocks, and gardens. The nets for Open Goaaals are made of high-quality polyethylene twine that’s UV-resistant.

Buyers can choose from the different Open Goaaal options that have the best soccer nets!

1. Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Standard)

Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Standard) combines a soccer training goal, rebounder, and backstop in one product! It has a goal size of 9 feet by 5 feet and a backstop/rebounder that measures 10 feet in height and 21 feet in width.

This soccer goal ensures that you don’t have to chase down soccer balls! It is perfect for uninterrupted practice! You will never regret buying this since it is sturdy and comes with ideal goal netting. The Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Standard) retails at $259.

2. Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Large)

Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Large) is like the Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Standard) but with a larger goal and wider netting behind it. Enjoy soccer at the comfort of your yard without worrying about missed shots with its quality netting.

Its goal size is 16 feet x 7 feet with a backstop/rebounder measuring 10 feet in height and 29 feet in Width. The Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Large) is one of Open Goaaal's best-selling soccer goals that retails at $299. Prospective buyers should prepare a space that is 28 feet to 34 feet wide and 7 feet 6 inches deep for this soccer goal. 

3. Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Regulation) 

Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Regulation) is the latest Open Goaaal soccer goal on the market! It retails for $599, which is more pricey compared to other versions due to its larger. This product has a 24 feet x 8 feet goal size, quality soccer net, and backstop/rebounder 13 feet 3 inches tall and 37 feet wide.

Avoid unnecessary distractions in your soccer practice with this quality soccer goal. Be aware that it takes up quite a lot of space, so prepare an area that is 50 ft 2 inches wide and 8 ft 2 inches deep ahead of time.

4. Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Junior) 

Like the previous Open Goaaal soccer goal options, the Open Goaaal Soccer 3-in-1 Trainer (Junior) also offers a combination of patented soccer training goals, rebounder, and backstop. The difference is that its goal size is 8 ft x 4.5 ft, and its backstop/rebounder measures 8 ft tall and up to 16 ft wide.

One important aspect to know about the Open Goaaal Soccer Trainer (Junior) is that it cannot be adjusted in terms of its width and height. Still, it is sturdy and presents with excellent durability like other Open Goaaal products.

The Open Goaaal Soccer Trainer (Junior) comes with thickly painted steel poles, quality goal netting, and rigid bungee, and guy ropes. It is best to prepare a space that measures 21 ft wide and 5 ft 3 inches deep for this soccer goal.

5. Open Goaaal Soccer (Standard) Refurbished

Open Goaaal also offers refurbished soccer goals, and one of these is the Open Goaaal Soccer (Standard) Refurbished that retails at $189. These involve used parts that underwent quality checks to see that they are still functioning well.

Its goal size is 9 ft x 5 ft and accompanies the backstop/rebounder as a single unit with no separate parts for set up. Users can also pull the poles closer together if they have narrow yards. It is best to have a 17 ft 6 inches - 27 ft wide and 6 ft 6 inches deep space for this goal.

Final Takeaways

Soccer nets come in different sizes. It’s important to know about soccer net sizes and the determinants of net quality to make the most out of what you purchase. A good quality soccer net can go a long way, so make sure that you’re only buying quality nets! We hope you found this soccer net helpful guide.

Open Goaaal offers excellent soccer training products, and some of these are soccer goals with quality soccer nets! Enjoy more soccer time while using quality soccer equipment at the comfort of your home using Open Goaaal products.