What is the Best Soccer Rebounder?

What is the Best Soccer Rebounder?

Soccer is one of the most played global outdoor sports. We usually play soccer on a wide grass field with goals at the different sides of the field. Our kids enjoy the thrill of learning ball control, striking, and other defensive moves. 

If our children dream of becoming a soccer player one day, our kids should not miss a practice session. Soccer skills, though, can only happen through repeated, daily practice and training. Engagement with consistent training shows our kids' dedication to excel and enjoy the sport. In this article, we introduce the various training equipment that helps achieve our kids' soccer dream. These are the soccer goal, youth soccer goal, and soccer rebounder

What is a Soccer Goal?

soccer goal

A soccer goal consists of two vertical posts placed at equal distance from the corner flag posts. A horizontal crossbar connects the vertical posts with a soccer net attached to it. It is designed to catch the ball to create a goal. It is one of the excellent training tools that our kids need to hone their soccer skills. Depending on our kid's age, soccer goals come in different sizes. 

Here are the specific recommendations for US youth soccer goals:

Age Range

Field Size

Youth Soccer Goal Size

2 to 5 years old

15 - 30 yards x 30 to 50 yards

4 - 4.5 ft. x 6 - 9 ft.

6 to 7 years old

30 yards x 50 to 60 yards

6.5 ft. x 6 - 9 ft.

8 to 11 years old

50 yards x 70 yards

6.5 - 7 ft. x 18.5 - 21 ft.

12 years old and above

50 yards x 90 yards

8 ft. x 24 ft. 

However, soccer goals tend to be mounted and expensive as these are the usual goals set in every professional and regulatory soccer field. Even if you have the soccer goal, you might need someone else around to help with soccer drills. So now, let me introduce a great soccer goal companion - the soccer rebounder

What is a Soccer Rebounder, and how does it help our kids in training?

A soccer rebounder is a budget-friendly, convenient, and hassle-free soccer training equipment for a better backyard playing experience. It acts like a second player for training by bouncing the soccer ball back to our kids. It teaches and trains our kids' basic soccer skills like striking, passing, volleying, shooting, receiving, and turning. Also, it helps our kids develop better accuracy in handling the ball and even ball control. 

What are the types of Soccer Rebounder?

There are different types of soccer rebounders our kids can choose from, depending on their functionality:

Multifunctional Soccer Rebounders

Multifunctional types allow our kids to do all aspects of gameplay in the soccer field, from passing to striking a goal. These are less expensive than other soccer rebounders

Passing and Ball Control Soccer Rebounders

These rebounders help our children master the accuracy of passing and ball control skills like trapping. For beginners, we recommend starting on a large size rebounder to allow ample space for targeting.  

Striking Rebounders

Striking rebounders help our kid strike the soccer ball on the back of the net with precision. It has a larger diameter than the passing and ball control trainer to allow adequate space for mastering the strike. This rebounder ensures that our kids have adequate power control on the ball strike while returning the ball to them. It also prevents the ball from smashing objects or ruining wall paint. 

What are the things I need to look for in buying a Soccer Rebounder?

We need to consider different features whenever we choose the right soccer rebounder for our kids, not only the types. These are the:

Rebounder Size

Rebounders have various sizes that suit the age and skill level of the player. In terms of size and function, we have:

  • Small rebounders - great for accuracy 
  • Large rebounders - best for newbie players or for developing striking skills

You can also consider rebounders based on the gameplay that we are trying to develop with our kids. Ideally, the recommended rebounder in achieving different soccer skills is the multifunctional rebounder. 

Frame Composition and Durability

In choosing a soccer rebounder, make sure that:

  • It is made up of sturdy and durable materials that can withstand frequent strikes, crosses, and passes.
  • It has materials that secure it in place and prevent slipping, like stakes and rubber feet.
  • It has a rounded frame to avoid or decrease puncture chances once the ball comes into contact with the frame.
  • It is made up of steel with powder coating to safeguard against corrosion when exposed to rain.
  • It is adjustable to allow switching angles.


The net is an essential part of any soccer rebounder. It’s important to select a rebounder that is made up of durable material. The material should be weatherproof, sunproof, with tight knits and small holes. A tight net increases the resilience and stretching of the material to bounce the ball back. In terms of material and function, we have:

  • Tight knots - excellent for passing and ball control whereas
  • Loose knots - perfect for striking 

Open Goaaal Rebounder - The Best Soccer Rebounder for 2021

Looking over the various features mentioned above, the best soccer rebounder that fits these criteria is the Open Goaaal Rebounder from Open Goaaal USA,

The Open Goaaal Rebounder is a 3-in-1 multifunctional soccer rebounder; it is also a soccer goal and soccer backstop. It is a revolutionary and excellent backyard soccer training goal for our kids. The soccer rebounder comes in 3 sizes, standard, junior, and large, catering to our kids' varied soccer needs and ages.   


  • It prevents chasing bad shots.
  • It prevents losing a ball.
  • It rebounds missed shots for continuous practice.
  • It helps in developing soccer abilities.
  • It conserves practice time.
  • It limits fence repairs. 
  • It permits net size adjustment.  
  • It allows you to slide the net to the side for unobstructed views. 
  • It allows the net to be raised up from the bottom so you can keep it out of the way of pets and mowing. 


  • It is made up of an inner white goal surrounded by a sturdy black rebound backstop net.
  • It also has a black bungee rope suspended in the middle of two green metal poles.

Wrap Up

A soccer rebounder helps our kids find their passion, fun, and dedication to playing soccer with frequent training. It is a multipurpose training tool that will help our children develop their potential soccer skills and confidence on their pitch. Always go for the model that a child will grow with. It might lead them to play their own professional soccer game soon.

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