What is the Best Soccer Ball?

What is the Best Soccer Ball?

Soccer has been one of the most popular sports ever since it was invented in the mid-19th century. People all over the world know about this sport. For centuries, people were already playing different versions of soccer before it became what it is today.

Generally accepted as a non-contact sport, soccer can be pretty intense and aggressive. Its main aim is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal or net. That’s it. Very simple, right? Wrong.

Even though the game’s objective seems easy, the game itself is not. Soccer is composed of two teams with eleven persons on each team. One game could last hours with a team only scoring one to two points, sometimes even none.

Even though it seems pretty aggressive, soccer is not without structure. It has its own sets of rules and regulations that teams have to follow. They don’t just run around trying to snatch the ball from one another. They move based on strict strategy and team play. Even though the strategy and rules can be complicated, one simple fact remains - the ball is the star of the show.

Open Goaaal USA offers high-quality soccer products that can help you get started. If you're still undecided about what to purchase, you may want to check their website. Below I listed some of their best training soccer balls that you can choose from. Any of these soccer balls are a good investment for you and your kid’s physical and mental health.


Sporting blue streaks with a yellow outline design, the FNINE Tornado looks like something that the pros use. With its machine-stitched high-quality TPU film, this soccer ball offers durability that can stand long hours of repetitive training. Its SR Bladder and 5-ply thread interior keep the air inside for longer than other soccer balls. Its striking design makes it easy to use in low-light training sessions.

The FNINE Tornado comes in the standard regulation size of 4 and 5, which is the best soccer ball size for kids and adults alike. You don’t even have to worry about ruining its amazing design. This ball is weather-resistant. You can play with it under the heat of the sun or in a puddle-ridden field. It’s beautiful, durable, and available for only $29.95 – perfect for beginners!


Remember when I told you that the ball is the star of the show? Well, the FNINE Ambassador took that to heart quite literally. This soccer ball is embellished with big red stars with black and gold trims. It resembles the ones from a movie set.

But this ball isn’t just pretty; it’s also functional. It is specifically designed for great control and touch. Its Thermo-polyurethane leather gives it the perfect amount of softness for kicks, rebounds, passes, or throw-ins. Like the FNINE Tornado, this soccer ball also comes in standard 4 and 5 sizes.

If you think the Ambassador is done being awesome, think again. Because for every purchase of this soccer ball, part of the sales is donated to a ministry that promotes soccer as community outreach! And it’s only $39.95! Who says sports can’t be charitable, right?


Last but certainly not least, we have the FNINE Energos – probably the best one of the three, in my opinion. The Energos is like the Ambassador and Tornado, but better. Using the most recent technology available for soccer balls, thermal bonding, Energos sets itself apart from the others. Thermal bonding is what is used in all high-end professional soccer balls.

To maintain its roundness and durability, Energos utilizes an HA Butyl bladder enforced in Latex. This soccer ball has an official size and weight that follows FIFA standards. Just like the previous soccer balls, Energos is also water- and weather-resistant. No terrain could be too harsh for this one.

Have I mentioned how cool this soccer ball looks? It looks like a superhero of the soccer ball world. With a neon green 'wind slash’ design and black detailing, Energos looks powerful and commanding. This one is built for the pros, made accessible for everyone. What’s best about it above all else is that it only costs $59.95! It is far cheaper than other top-of-the-line soccer ball brands without sacrificing its quality. It couldn’t get any better than that!


If you want to get started with soccer, all you need are three things: determination, strength, and a good soccer ball. Of course, you can just add the soccer goal or net later on. A good soccer ball can take you a long way. You and your kids can even train together so that you can get in some physical exercise while having fun. That could be a great bonding moment!

Open Goaaal USA’s FNINE series of soccer balls don’t joke around. These three best training soccer balls will not fail you. If you're a beginner and want to get introduced to soccer, the Tornado is best for you. It’s your basic all-around ball that is durable and weather-proof.

On the other hand, the Ambassador is for those who want a little flair with their play – because why not, right? Who says you can’t play with style? It is specifically designed to last a long time. It’s stylish, it’s sturdy, and some of its proceeds go to charity! It is a really one-of-a-kind soccer ball.

If you feel like you are ready for the major leagues, the Energos is perfect for you. Built with FIFA-aligned standards, you will truly feel like a pro while playing with this soccer ball. Made with advanced technology, Energos is built to last a very long time. 

To sum up, there's no wrong choice with any of the three FNINE soccer balls I have mentioned. They are the best of the best soccer balls. Which one you will choose will only depend on your budget and your gameplay. Go on, treat yourself. I know how badly you want to play.

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