Since the pandemic is starting to ease up and people are starting to vaccinate, things are going back to normal. Slowly and surely, people are starting to gather again in groups. One of the things we’re beginning to see is controlled social gatherings at home. 

Families and close friends who hang out at each others’ houses are becoming a common sight again. The thing is, they may need new activities to keep things fun. During small get-togethers at home, a great way to spice things up is by having a friendly game of backyard soccer.

What is Backyard Soccer?

The term ‘Backyard Soccer’ has to do with playing a spirited game of soccer that is unofficial. It means that there is just a simple set of rules to follow. It also means that there are no official dimensions of the playing field. Players have to work with what they got. 

It also means that there are no rules on the number of players on the field. Guys vs. girls, uncles and aunts vs. the kids, or mixed teams are all allowed. This means anyone can join in and everyone can have fun!

What is Needed for Backyard Soccer?

The basic things needed for a soccer game in the backyard are two goals and one ball, that’s it. For the avid soccer fans who can’t get enough of playing the game, they can step it up a notch. Something to consider when building a personal pitch in the backyard is the goal size and surface. 

Soccer isn’t the safest sport in the world. There may be times that someone might stumble, fall, or bump into each other. So the surface should be safe enough to soften the blow of people falling. The grass is the best bet, whether it’s artificial turf or natural.

Some individuals who look for something more different than the average football pitch can use sand. It can turn any backyard into a private beach football area or a very big sandbox! Either way, it will be a multi-functional space that anyone would enjoy. 

5 Fun Soccer Mini-games to Play

backyard soccer

There are different ways to enjoy soccer. Once people get bored or too tired of actual games where teams go head to head, there are other fun mini-games to play. To make it more interesting, wager on them! Continue reading to see five different soccer mini-games. All of them are fun and, as a bonus, they will improve anyone’s soccer skills. 

1. Wall Ball

The objective of the game is simple, strike the ball onto a wall or any vertical surface. The difficulty can vary. There can be a set number of bounces before the ball is struck again, or to make it more difficult, none. This game can be played alone or with other people. 

Players can return each other’s strikes and have a rhythm going. The beauty of this mini-game is that it can practice ball control and different body parts to strike the ball. Players can improve ball control with their shoulders, head, knees, legs, and feet. 

2. Golf Soccer

This is a fun one. This game is just like regular golf, where there is a starting point and an endpoint. The goal is to get the ball from the start to the end in the fewest hits possible. In this case, the player’s foot is the club, and the ball is just bigger than the golf ball. 

Players can mark a spot anywhere on the pitch with a towel, tape, or anything, and that will serve as the hole. This game is ideal for spacious backyards but is just as fun and challenging with a smaller space. To make things a bit more interesting, players can set up obstacles that block straight lines to the hole. 

3. Soccer Volleyball

This game can be a bit more challenging for beginners. The idea of this game is to play volleyball but with the feet. There is a low net setup. It can be an old badminton net or a piece of rope tied between two anchors. The height of the net depends on the skills of the players. 

The game would follow the rules of a volleyball game. Each side needs to hit the ball over the net in three or fewer strikes. To make it easier, players can agree on a certain number of times it can bounce on the floor. 

4. Marbles Soccer

This game needs at least two balls. The objective here is to hit the other ball in one stroke. This game can be played alone or with a few buddies. Players each take turns striking and aiming for their opponent’s ball. A hit is one point. The player to reach ten first wins!

This game can be adjusted to fit more skilled players as well. There are modified rules like the ball should be hit while it is still moving. Another one is that everyone should use their off-foot. Another rule to make it extremely difficult is that ground balls aren’t allowed. 

5. Muddy Football

This game is the messiest on the list, but it can also be the most fun. This is for backyards that have little to no grass or a good deal of dirt. Make sure no sharp rocks or any other sharp debris is hiding in the soil before starting.

The idea is that it is a normal soccer game between two teams, but the play area would be drenched with water before starting. It will make the entire pitch very slippery, dirty, and hard for players to move properly. The wipeouts are sure to be funny and the whole group will be slipping and laughing!

backyard fun with soccer

5. Open Goaaal

This is by far the most fun...with an Open Goaaal you can play A TON of different games since it has the rebounding backstop...and you don't have to worry about getting too excited and kicking the ball over the fence. Some of these games include Crazy Trick Shots, Parents vs. Kids, Mom vs. Dad, Penalty Shots, Headers Only, and more. Check out the different sizes for Open Goaaals


Aside from these games, you can try other classic mini-games, like a good ol’ fashion penalty shootout. Another is a crossbar challenge or a post-challenge. It can also be set up for target practice. 

A backyard pitch can be the best thing to invest in. Due to the pandemic, large group gatherings may take a few months before it is fully permitted. A backyard pitch will ensure hours of fun for everyone while spending quality time with family.