Finding the best soccer ball that provides a great soccer experience is not easy. While some balls are too bouncy to control, others might feel too heavy for young players.

To help you out, we have listed some of the best soccer balls on the market. While they are not exactly elite-level soccer balls, they will deliver excellent performance without emptying your pocket.

Best Soccer Ball Choices 

best soccer ball - fnine elwood

FNINE Elwood Soccer Ball

Made from high-quality materials, the FNINE Elwood is a premium-grade soccer ball designed as per FIFA standards. The outer layer is thermo polyurethane leather. An HA butyl bladder fills up the inside.

FNINE has used the process of thermal bonding to manufacture this ball which makes it free from stitches. The seamless design is perfectly spherical and it can withstand high-intensity training sessions.

The higher water resistance makes it a great choice for wet grounds. The Elwood is also designed with high-visibility graphics that are ideal in low-light conditions. All in all, it is one of the best training soccer balls you can pick.

best soccer ball - fc barcelona

FC Barcelona Ball

Specially designed for the fans of the FC Barcelona soccer club, this soccer ball comes with the Official FC Barcelona Logo. In addition, the panels contain the autographs of multiple current and former players, including Lionel Messi.

This number 5 ball has a traditional design with durable machine stitching between the pentagonal panels. While it’s not for regular play, this collectible soccer ball is great for display.

all terrain soccer ball


American Challenge All Terrain Ball

This is a super-versatile soccer ball and can be used over dirt, grass, or the street. The outer material is rubber tire tread which makes it a highly durable option.

The rubber material has been hand-stitched by using high-tensile, polyester thread. The outer surface has 4 layers of cotton backing and the air bladder is made from butyl rubber. In short, this ball can take a heavy pounding while playing outdoor or indoor soccer.

While it is not designed as per FIFA standards, you can adjust the air volume to control the hardness and bounce.

fnine energos

FNINE Energos Soccer Ball

The Energos is another top-grade soccer ball from FNINE that uses thermal bonding technology and complies with FIFA quality standards. The optimized roundness of this ball and its high strength ensures excellent playability.

Since it comes with a foam backing, the ball feels soft and light. The reduced water absorption also helps it to maintain weight and ensures better shape retention.

It is available in different colors and is imprinted with high-visibility graphics. Overall, this is another top-grade match soccer ball from FNINE.

nike academy soccer ball

Nike Academy Team Ball

This top-quality soccer ball is designed to offer better precision and control. Since it has Nike’s patented Aerowsculpt Technology, the airflow across the surface of this soccer ball is uniform. This results in less drag, more responsiveness, and a stable flight path.

With less unpredictability in the air, the players can precisely control this ball. That means there are fewer chances of the shots straying from the goal or soccer trainer.

This ball is a combination of rubber, polyurethane, EVA, and polyester. Coming from Nike, you can expect excellent durability and air retention. 

fnine 918 soccer ball

FNINE 918 Soccer Ball

The 918 soccer ball from FNINE comes with a thermo-bonded structure and a durable butyl rubber bladder. Like all other FNINE products, it has been crafted in line with FIFA standards.

The TPU leather upper offers excellent durability and a soft feel due to the foam backing. Since it is water resistant, there is no slippage. That is a big plus for goalkeepers who have trouble gripping wet soccer balls.

franklin sports f-100 soccer ball

Franklin Sports F-100 Soccer Ball

If you need a durable soccer ball for high school soccer players, this ball from Franklin is an affordable pick. It comes in three different official sizes and is the right type of soccer ball for shooting practice.

This ball has a soft cushioning system that makes it a good choice for players of age groups between 7 to 12. In addition, the outer PVC cover is water-resistant and ideal for practicing in wet conditions.

If you are looking for a high-quality soccer ball at an affordable price, this one is a great option.

fnine ambassador soccer ball

FNINE Ambassador

The Ambassador is a professional-grade soccer ball from FNINE that is great for players of all skill levels. The high-quality advanced stitching makes the ball move smoothly with minimum drag. That results in excellent control during shooting and passing.

An extra backing of foam enhances the softness and also keeps the ball balanced in flight. Also, the outer material is synthetic leather and water resistant. 

fnine tornado soccer ball

FNINE Tornado

When you need a ball that is durable enough for repeated use, the FNINE Tornado is the right choice. The outer layer is machine stitched with a 5-ply thread for additional durability. Besides,  FNINE has also used a durable SR bladder that prevents air pressure drops.

Since the outer material is not fully water resistant, the Tornado is best used during the early phase of the soccer season. Overall, it is a high-quality ball for competitive play that comes with an affordable price tag.

wilson recreational soccer ball

Wilson NCAA Recreational Ball 

The NCAA Vantage recreational ball is a well-designed soccer ball that is ideal for 8-year-olds and above. It is available in three different sizes with multiple bright color options.

Wilson mentions that the EVA panels on the surface are foam lined which ensures optimal energy return during kicks. As a result, you get a better first touch and enhanced control during dribbling.

The textured surface can resist hard impacts from soccer cleats and the butyl rubber bladder lasts long without fail. Overall, it is a good ball for players of all skill levels.

Choosing the Best Soccer Ball

Here is a quick soccer ball buying guide to help you pick from the countless variations from multiple brands


Standard soccer ball sizes range between 1 to 5; size 1 being the smallest and size 5 the largest. The size 5 is also the official match ball for the top international tournaments.

Since each size is meant for different age groups, you need to pick the right size. For example, the best size 4 soccer ball will not be the right choice for U6 players.

The standard sizes and their dimensions are listed below.


Soccer balls from top brands like Adidas, Nike, or Puma, usually have an outer layer or cover made from synthetic leather developed from PU. Some are a combination of PU and PVC. While PVC is cheaper and more durable, pick PU soccer balls for a softer feel and more responsive touch.

The official FIFA world cup balls have 32 octagonal panels. However, training balls with 18 or 26 panels are also made. Balls with 32 panels are considered to deliver a “true” fight path.

High-end balls are aerodynamically designed with hand-stitched or thermo welded panels. Machine-stitched soccer balls fall into the middle category in terms of performance.

Generally, soccer ball bladders are made from latex or butyl rubber. Generally, latex bladders are softer and they make the ball easier to control. However, butyl bladders provide better air retention.

Intended Use 

The process of selection will also depend on the type of practice and what you want from a soccer game or soccer warm up session. 

For gameplay, you will need soccer balls that are as per the official standards. The highest-level soccer balls used for the World Cup and premier leagues like the UEFA Champions League are FIFA-approved. However, you can also pick balls that are approved by the NFHS (National Federation of High School Associations)

Other than that, there are training balls that are more durable and suitable for a wide range of environments. For teaching the basics of soccer in an indoor setting, you can also pick a Futsal ball. These balls are usually available in size 4 but weigh as much as a size 5 ball. They have a low bounce and can be used on hard floors.

fnine soccer balls

Best Soccer Ball Brands 


FNINE manufactures premium quality soccer balls along with other soccer training equipment. Their product range includes balls for training as well as gameplay. FNINE soccer balls combine great features with standardized dimensions that make them a fantastic value-for-money choice for a wide range of players.

2. Nike

It goes without saying that Nike is known globally as one of the best soccer ball brands. From smaller practice balls to premier products like the Flight, they offer a variety of products. Their products have been perfected with extensive research and testing to ensure the best performance at the highest level.

3. Franklin

Franklin has been manufacturing high-end sporting goods for decades, and their soccer balls provide excellent quality. They too have a wide range of balls for training and competitive play. With their precise stitching and perfect sizing, they are a good choice for skill building.

4. Wilson 

Wilson has earned a solid reputation in terms of the quality of the sporting goods they manufacture. The same goes for all the varieties of Wilson soccer balls. If you want a ball that offers the right combination of affordability and durability, Wilson soccer balls are a great choice.

5. Molten 

Molten is a well-known name in the soccer market and their soccer balls are packed with advanced features and innovations. They have also been the official matchball sponsors for the UEFA Europa League. While their soccer balls are not cheap, they provide excellent quality and performance.

Final Thoughts 

So, these are the best soccer balls that you can pick. Since soccer is all about ball control, a good soccer ball is a key to any practice session.

We have also listed some of the best brands that deliver top-notch quality. If you are not a purist when it comes to brands, we suggest that you check out the FNINE soccer balls to get the best value for your money.