4 Things To Know Before Buying a Soccer Backstop

4 Things To Know Before Buying a Soccer Backstop

As a soccer fanatic, I always wanted to have a mini field in our backyard. I envision my afternoons and free time casually playing the sport with my nephew or niece at home. I think this is one of the best ways for me to connect and bond with them. However, having a mini field required appropriate soccer accessories, nets, and even backstops.  

I’m not an expert, but I am a big soccer fan, so I make sure to do my research. I ask, “what brand and materials should I get” and “what will be worth the money”? In the soccer world, Open Goaaal has always popped as one of the best soccer equipment brands. 

Currently, I’m on the lookout for finding the best soccer backstop. If you’re not familiar, a soccer backstop is a type of netting that covers a large area behind or around the goal. It prevents the ball from flying past the net goal. The backstop will also lessen the hassle of you or your playmate chasing the balls from afar. 

So having the best soccer backstop is essential because it can stop your shots and increase your training time. So far, the Open Goaaal Soccer Backstop is the best choice. How did I come up with this choice? 

Here are the four things I, and now you, need to consider when buying a soccer backstop. And why the Open Goaaal Soccer Backstop has it all.

1. It Comes in Many Sizes

You must consider the height and width or the size in general when you purchase a soccer backstop. Primarily, you have to ensure that it fits your yard and is an appropriate size for the player. Good thing, Open Goaaal offered a lot of variety when it comes to the soccer backstop sizes. They have the junior, standard, large, and regulation. 

Most customers have purchased the large one. The dimensions of it are 10 feet tall and 29 feet wide. The other rebound or backstop sizes are the following:

  • Junior: 8 feet tall, 16 feet wide
  • Standard: 10 feet tall, up to 21 feet wide
  • Regulation: 13 feet tall, 37 feet wide 

But, soccer backstop size generally depends on your preference and need. However, the Open Goaaal ensured its consumers that whatever they choose is worth it.

With the help of their soccer backstop, you can effectively rebound most of your missed shots. And, your training won’t be interrupted with unnecessary ball-chasing. 

2. Tough and Durable Under High-Impact 

The soccer backstop or rebounder that you are going to purchase must endure the impact of a high-powered shot. It should not be easily damaged because once broken it won’t serve any purpose anymore. In other words, it should be durable enough to handle high-impact shots and weather changes. 

The Open Goaaal 3-in-1 trainer, which includes net goal and soccer backstop, is made with the following:

  • 1.5mm wide poles, painted & made from tough steel
  • Sturdy goal netting to face high-impact action
  • High-quality guy ropes and bungee for controlling the ball

Some of the Open Goaaal products are also adjustable, specifically the standard, large, and regulation size, so they will probably perfectly fit your yard. 

3. Quality Parts That Will Last

Open Goaaal includes a high-quality soccer rebounder and backstop in one as well as a soccer training goal as well. It’s important to look at everything that’s included so you know you’re getting the best value. Some soccer rebounders and backstops are sold separately, and sometimes the training goals are also not included. With Open Goaaal, you can get all of it at the price of one which saves a lot of money while still ensuring that you’re getting the best product. 

How Do You Install an Open Goal Soccer Backstop?

Sometimes this part is the biggest deal-breaker among all the considerations. Of course, no one wants to undergo so much hassle just by setting up a product, right? Especially with a massive product like a soccer rebounder and backstop. 

The good thing is Open Goaaal has an easy setup process to help you enjoy the experience of the product the same day it arrives on your doorstep. You don’t have to stress about it because installing an Open Goaaal Soccer Backstop is easy and doesn’t require any professional skill. Having tools is not required in setting up this soccer rebounder and backstop. 

All you need is to sit the two steel poles in the sockets you will insert into the ground. Then, they will be held upright by the provided guy ropes at both ends. Finally, you just have to hang the net into the poles. And, voila, you are ready to improve your soccer skills. 

Why Buy The Open Goaaal Rebounder and Backstop?

As mentioned previously, Open Goaaal offers a complete set of training goals and a 2-in1 soccer rebounder and backstop. It is the only 3-in-1 soccer goal available on the market as of this moment. It helps all soccer athletes and aspirants maintain their shape and improve their skills.

Here are the detailed features and benefits of the Open Goaaal Rebounder and Backstop:

  • With a soccer backstop, you can eliminate the hassle of chasing bad shots, or worse, losing a ball. The net placed around the goal will help the player control the ball which means more time to train and improve skills.
  • With Open Goaaal you have a better chance at rebounding your missed shots. 
  • The Open Goaaal Soccer Backstop controls the soccer ball and avoids damage to your fence or neighbors. 
  • You can also raise or adjust the net accordingly for easy mowing.
  • It is also affordable for a 3-in-1 product. 

Have You Made Up Your Mind?

Having all these things considered when purchasing a soccer backstop can help you enjoy the experience more. It’s important to find the perfect size and variant for you or your soccer fanatic child. Fortunately, Open Goaaal has answered all of our requests when they released a variety of high-caliber products. 

The options are all there. All you need to do is to pick the perfect one that suits you. Afterward, you or your loved one can practice like a soccer pro. 

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