5 Best At Home Soccer Drills To Do By Yourself

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You're practicing consistently with your team and coach. You're running the same drills trying to improve your soccer skills.

However, you feel like you stagnated and like you're not improving in certain aspects of your soccer training. Sound familiar?

Training as a team is extremely important because it helps you improve your teamwork skills and other basic soccer skills. However, much of your growth will happy alone at home.

In this guide, we're covering some of the best at home soccer drills that you can practice when you're by yourself. 

How to Improve Your Soccer Skills at Home

If you're wanting to take your soccer skills to the next level, you can't beat training from home.

Soccer training relies heavily on teamwork, but it also relies on basic fundamental soccer skills which is where soccer training at home comes in. During team training, the coach is working on improving the entire team so they might not be focused on exactly what you can improve on.

If you know you're having trouble improving a certain soccer skill, finding soccer drills to do at home can really help you.

If you want to learn how to improve your soccer dribbling skills at home, there are various at home soccer training videos and articles like this one that you can use. 

For example, let's say you need to practice shooting. During team practice, the coach may use a small amount of time for shooting practice which may not be enough for you. By practicing at home, you can take the time you need to work on this skill and improve it.

Best At Home Soccer Drills to Practice By Yourself

open goaaal soccer goal and soccer rebounder

Convinced to start training from home? Great! You'll see your skills go from good to awesome with at-home soccer training. Below, we've listed five of the best soccer drills you can do at home to make your soccer training awesome.

Many of these drills require soccer equipment. Make sure to check out the Open Goaaal, rebounder, goal, and backstop. It’s a great tool to have when practicing soccer skills. 

The skills we've listed involve fundamental skills to up your soccer game. Whether you're looking for soccer drills for kids or you're looking for soccer drills for yourself, these five drills will enhance your skills 

Soccer Drills to Practice at Home for Shooting

Shooting is a difficult skill to practice and improve because of how tricky it is. You don't know where the ball is going to be coming from, how close you'll be to the goal and other factors that play a part in shooting a goal. 

In this practice, you'll be shooting the ball from different angles in your yard and trying to make a goal. Vary the distance of each of your shots from the goal and make sure to also practice from varying angles as well.

You can't be afraid to take shots...and this is where Open Goaaal comes in with it's built in backstop rebounder to prevent missed shots from going over the fence or into the neighbor's yard.

For more of a challenge with this soccer drill, set up cones to weave through before shooting from different angles. You can also ask a teammate to come and defend for better practice.

Toe Taps With a Soccer Ball

toe taps soccer drill with soccer ball

Toe taps help to improve your ball control, balance, and stamina. For this drill, you'll put the ball in front of you and place your foot on top of the ball.

Then switch between your feet, tapping the top of the ball, and slowly increase your speed as you do this. After a few minutes of practicing toe-taps, you'll find that it can become a big challenge to keep your balance and keep the ball under control.

By incorporating this drill into your routine, your balance and stamina will increase.

One-Touch Shooting Using a Soccer Goal

One touch drills are incredibly helpful for soccer training at home.

When it comes to shooting a goal, hesitation is not your friend. It's important to shoot with good aim and confidence which is what the one-touch shooting drill is all about.

With this drill, you can set the ball up on the field, take a few steps back, then take a running start, and hit the ball into the goal. Pay attention and make sure that you're not hesitating when hitting the ball. 

This drill will enhance your aim, ball control, and shooting skills in general. As you continue to practice the skill, you may even notice a boost in your confidence as you become less and less hesitant to shoot into the goal.

Cone Dribbling

Practicing dribbling is important. Players use dribbling to control the ball, get it across the field, and move past defenses. For this reason, any serious soccer player should be practicing their dribbling skills and this is where cone dribbling comes in.

For this drill, you'll want to set up some soccer training cones in a line, triangle, or zigzag pattern. After that, you dribble the ball between the cones, guiding the ball around the cones and working on your ball control. You can start this soccer drill out slowly and increase your speed as you improve.

Practicing Juggling a Soccer Ball

improve your soccer skills

One of the best at home soccer drills is jugglingSoccer is all about leg strength, balance, and coordination. A great way to practice these skills is through juggling.

For this drill, you take a soccer ball and hold it away from you. Then drop the ball and kick it back into your hands using the shoelace part of your cleats. Alternate between your right and left foot as you continue this drill. 

If this drill is feeling easy for you, challenge yourself by kicking the ball straight up a couple of times before catching it. You can also choose not to catch the ball and let it bounce instead. So you drop the ball, kick it up twice with your right leg, let it bounce, kick it up twice with your left leg, and repeat.

Some soccer balls have a different look and feel so look around and find the one that you like the most.

Practice Soccer at Home 

Now that you know how to practice soccer at home by yourself, you can start making the most of your time. These at home soccer drills will help you improve your skills on and off the field. 

In general, training at home comes with minimal equipment. With an Open Goaaal soccer net, it’s a three-in-one training equipment because it serves as a goal, rebounder, and backstop. No more shooting the ball into the house or over the fence with an Open Goaaal!

It also cuts down on the time it takes to retrieve the ball giving players more practice time. So make sure to start practicing at home and watch your soccer skills greatly improve.