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FNINE Training Ladder

Training with the FNINE agility ladder improves the core skills of athletes such as agility, coordination, balance, and speed. These core skills are imperative for any soccer player wanting to enhance their game. Seasoned players as well as beginners enjoy the benefits of using an agility ladder for training. 

Quick to set up, the training agility ladder can be used daily for soccer drills and practice. Countless soccer drills exist to improve various skills using an agility ladder. Players can choose speed training drills, agility training drills, and more, making the FNINE training ladder the perfect soccer training equipment. Start soccer training with the FNINE training ladder and watch your soccer skills improve! 

Not just for soccer, the FNINE training ladder is a perfect tool for football, track and field, basketball, and other sports. It’s also great for those athletes and health nuts who want a cardio workout. 

The FNINE agility ladder is 11 squares long.

Soccer Drills For Agility Training Ladder

  • Straight Run
  • In and Out
  • Hopscotch Ladder
  • Ickey Shuffle
  • Lateral Shuffle