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FNINE Speed and Agility Rings

Enhance speed, balance, and body control with the FNINE Speed and Agility Rings. The ideal training equipment for soccer players and other athletes, the agility rings are designed for drills to improve athletic skills. the hexagonal design of the agility rings and the connector clips allows the players to create different setups for various drills making it an extremely versatile soccer training tool.


Not only do the agility rings increase critical athletic skills imperative to soccer, but players can also have fun while using them increasing their self-esteem and confidence in their game and athletic ability. To take a player’s skills to the next level, train with the FNINE Speed and Agility Rings.


Agility rings improve more than soccer skills and are used by various athletes in football, lacrosse, and basketball. They’re also great for cardio training and building endurance. 


Drills for Speed and Agility Rings

  • Forward/Backward Hops
  • Ring Hops
  • Diagonal Hops
  • Scissors 
  • Lateral Hops
  • Included: 6 Agility Rings and Connectors