The Ultimate Soccer Goal + Rebounding Backstop

Designed for youth soccer players of all ages, the Open Goaaal is a revolutionary Soccer Goal + Backstop + Rebounder ALL IN ONE!  Soccer parents around the world are loving that Open Goaaal prevents missed shots from going over the fence, breaking windows, and enables a more effective soccer training experience from the comfort of your own yard!

The Open Goaaal combines 3 different pieces of soccer equipment into 1 easy to use training tool.


Each Open Goaaal has a white goal mouth. Depending on the version, you can choose from a full Regulation soccer goal (24ft x 8ft) all the way down to the Starter size (6ft x 4ft).


Each Open Goaaal has a built-in backstop surrounding the white goal mouth. The backstop can be as high as 13ft 3 inches. The backstop prevents players from having to chase down missed shots, resulting in more efficient shot training and dynamic drills.


The built-in backstop also serves as a rebounder! Players can use the rebounding backstop to make their training better simulate gameplay and increase the diversity of their training drills. The rebounding portion keeps the soccer ball in play for an overall much better backyard soccer experience!