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The Top 10 Premier League Soccer Goals of All Time

The Top 10 Premier League Soccer Goals of All Time

February 19, 2019

Since the foundation of the Premier League back in 1992 there have been some incredible goals scored over the course of more than 25 seasons. In arguably the strongest soccer league of the world, Premier League has offered some amazing goals, moves, turns, which will surely be remembered long in the future. Here are the ten best goals in the history of the English Premier League.

  1. Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal vs Newcastle, 2002)

Officially declared as the best goal in the first 20 seasons of Premier league, Bergkamp's goal against Newcastle is a masterpiece, which has not yet been repeated by anyone. A pirouette around Newcastle defender and a classy finish in the bottom right corner just shows how lucky we were to see Bergkamp play.

  1. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United vs Manchester City, 2011)

In his prime, Rooney was one of the finest strikers in English soccer and many thought he could come close to Shearer in terms of goalscoring records. However, he remained second, at least for now. One of his most memorable moments in England will also be his incredible bicycle kick goal against Manchester City, which brought the Red Devils the victory in this match.

  1. Thierry Henry (Arsenal vs Manchester United, 2001)

Thierry Henry is certainly one of the most complete strikers in the history of soccer and his goal against Manchester United just proved that. In 2001, he left United goalkeeper Barthez simply wondering, after he beautifully struck a volley in the back of the net. A real signature goal by the Frenchman.

  1. Matt Le Tissier (Southampton vs. Newcastle, 1993)

One of the most underrated players in the Premier League era, Matt Le Tissier scored some beauties mostly in Southampton during his 16-year stint with the club. His finest moment came against Newcastle when he dribbled past two players with a lob and smoothly placed the ball in the bottom right corner.

  1. Paolo Di Canio (West Ham vs. Wimbledon, 1999)

Mostly remembered by his radical political views and problems off the pitch, Italian striker Paolo Di Canio ensured that we remember his in a soccer-like way as well. In one of the most recognizable goals in Premier League history, Di Canio scored a “Kung fu-like” goal against Wimbledon after catching a volley from a cross on the right. A truly unique goal by the Italian.

  1. Alan Shearer (Newcastle vs Aston Villa, 2002)

Landing a perfect volley can sometimes feel pretty easy but it requires a lot of skill and accuracy to place it in the back of the net. Shearer’s strike against Villa certainly falls in that category, with the goalkeeper left without a real chance to stop this. There have been many remarkable volleys, but this one really does stand out.

  1. Emre Can (Watford vs Liverpool, 2017)

Voted as the goal of the season for 2017 season, Emre Can found himself in an unusual position to score one of the best goals in the last few seasons. Leiva’s cross found him perfectly in the box as he gets hold of with, with a beautiful scissor shot which left Watford, goalkeeper, standing still.

  1. Tony Yeboah (Leeds United vs Wimbledon, 1995)

In his short stint with Leeds United, Ghana striker Tony Yeboah certainly made a name for himself with this club. In his two years, he scored some incredible goal (that volley against Liverpool), but arguably the best one occurred against Wimbledon. Picking up a loose ball outside the box, he produced marvelous control, dribbled past two defenders and rocketed the ball from the bar inside the net. Truly spectacular finish.

  1. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal vs Norwich City, 2013)

Just when you think that a perfect team goal does not exist, you get a chance to look at this beautiful goal by Arsenal. Wilshere was just the executor in this as the situation featured great passing play prior to scoring. Norwich defense only had a chance to watch and be amazed,

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