A soccer rebounder is a piece of equipment designed for those who either do not have other people to play with on a regular basis or who want to practice a particular skill like passing or shooting. There are different types of rebounder available, ranging from the free-standing to those that are fixed, either temporarily or permanently to existing goalposts, or another structure. Many of the most popular models are also portable, - they can be folded up and transported to a practice field or even a backyard with a minimum of effort and inconvenience,

Whilst there are a number of rebounders on the market, important criteria when selecting a model include stability – the rebounder needs to be able to withstand a hard shot and inclement weather conditions – and ease of set-up. It should be simple and quick to set-up, and then take down afterward once the practice session is over.  Other considerations include whether the rebounder offers a predictable bounce, or, instead, more closely replicates a match situation by bouncing the ball in unpredictable directions. And then there is the choice between net and ramp. Not only are ramps more durable than nets, but they have different functions – ramps normally require the player to make a ground pass, whilst nets will rebound shots at any height. 

The budget may also be an important factor when choosing a model, but although rebounders can vary in price, opting for a cheaper model may not be the best long-term investment, as it may not have the durability of some of the more expensive options on the market. 

Open Goaaal

Open Goaaal is a new rebounder specifically designed for children playing at home and helps stop them shooting balls over a fence or down the garden. It helps save not only wear and tear on a lawn but also to maintain good relations with neighbors who no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of stray balls landing in their backyards.

The rebounder itself consists of two steel poles that are housed in sockets which are inserted into the ground. They have held upright either side by guy ropes on either side, and the goal can be adjusted depending on the size of the backyard involved. The inner white goal is surrounded by a long-lasting black rebound net which hangs from a black bungee rope which is suspended between the 10 green metal points and is pegged to the ground, typically between ten or twelve anchor points. 

In terms of size, the goal is 16 ft. by 7 ft. and the backstop/rebounder is 10 ft. tall and can extend up to 29 feet in width. Prospective users will require a rectangular area of lawn between 28 and 34 feet wide, and seven and a half feet in depth in which to place the rebounder. However, there is no need to worry about having to move the structure when it comes to mowing the grass because the net can easily be lifted by unclicking the carbine rings and pegs. 

While the manufacturer claims that installation takes 40 minutes, those who have bought the product report that it can require up to one hour to assemble it. This means that it is not suitable for those looking for a quick assembly and easy to transport model.

Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal

This multi-purpose goal can be used to practice a variety of sports as well as soccer, including basketball, lacrosse, and baseball. Tekk has earned a reputation for making high-quality training equipment, and this easy to assemble – it takes less than five minutes to erect – rebounder is no exception. This model is renowned for its stability with aluminum tubing, steel brackets, and a 6 mm thick net. Properly maintained, it will last for years.

One of its biggest selling points is that allows a player to change angles – they have a choice of seven different positions which means that they have the ability to practice a range of soccer skills and techniques. Also, once assembled, the net sits very firmly, which makes for an extremely fast rebound, very similar to what a player might experience in a real game. 

Despite its sturdiness, because the frame is made of aluminum, it is also lightweight and highly portable. It also folds up easily so that it can be stored away

The Tekk Trainer is one of the more expensive rebounders on the market but justifies its price tag by its durability, and suitability even for professional soccer teams. It is suitable for developing basic soccer skills like passing, shooting and heading, and helps players with their control, focus, and concentration.

Forza Soccer Rebound Wall

The Forza Soccer Rebound Wall is designed to hone a wide variety of techniques and skills and consists of a heavy-duty steel frame, and a spring-loaded 2 mm thick rebound wall, with reinforced edges, which is stretched across it. This product is suitable both for practicing alone in a backyard or for organized training sessions, with a free-standing design that is suitable for any surface. It can be used for practicing ball control, heading, shooting and passing, or mastering the first touch. Goalkeepers can use it to practice saving and catching. 

The wall mimics the unpredictability of real live match situations with erratic rebounds, and balls bounce back as hard as they are originally hit. And it comes in two sizes, depending on requirements. The smaller size, measuring 12 ft. x 6 ft. is ideal for children and junior players, whilst the larger option – 16. Ft x 7 ft. – is designed with more senior players in mind and offers additional challenges. 

The galvanized steel frame is heavy-duty yet light enough to be moved easily between different positions. And because it is self-weighted in design, it does not need to be fixed permanently into the turf or a lawn.