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The Best Goals of the Spanish La Liga

The Best Goals of the Spanish La Liga

March 22, 2019

Spanish La Liga was always mostly about dribbles, nice moves, and goals that require high technical abilities. Over the course of the last 25 years, there have been plenty of goals worth remembering in this league. Over the course of time, El Clasico established itself, as the best game in the league, maybe even in Europe so is no surprise that most goals will come from that particular derby.

1. Ronaldo da Lima (Compostela vs Barcelona, 1997)

Brazilian striker Ronaldo is considered to be one of the best players to ever play the game and his stint at Barcelona will mostly be remembered by this goal against Compostela. He dribbled several players from the center of the pitch and scored what became his signature goal. He scored 34 goals in his first and only season at Barca.

2. Rivaldo (Barcelona vs. Valencia, 2001)

What many soccer experts and enthusiasts see as the best bicycle kick goal of all time, Rivaldo scored in 2001 against Valencia in the final game of the season to win the game for Barcelona. He received the ball on his chest in the 89th minute and scored from the edge of the box. He openly said this to be the best goal of his career and we can all agree on this.

3. Ronaldinho (Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2005)

In what many are considering the best goal in El Clasico, Ronaldinho became one of the very few soccer players to receive a standing ovation at Bernabeu. In a remarkable game, he scored two goals in a comfortable 3-0 win for Barcelona and his first was a true masterpiece. He received the ball around 40m from goal, dribbled past Ramos and Helguera to leave Iker Casillas just standing. Amazing goal.

4. Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid vs. Tenerife, 1998)

Originally deployed as a striker/winger, Roberto Carlos reached stardom playing as a left back and scored some remarkable goals with his strong left foot. One of those goals came against Tenerife when he shot the ball from an almost impossible angle to leave the world of soccer in awe, even now, 20 years later.

5. Fernando Varela (Betis vs Barcelona, 2003)

Although primarily a defender for eight years for Betis, Varela managed to score one of the best goals in recent Betis history. He picked up a ball on his own half and dribbled past the entire Barcelona defense before shooting the ball just under the bar.

6. Leo Messi (Barcelona vs Zaragoza, 2010)

The absolute king of all solo run-ins is Lionel Messi, who is by many assessments being named the best player of all time. In one of his many solo goals, a true stand out in La Liga is his goal against Real Zaragoza, where he slid through the midfield and defense before comfortably slotting the shot behind the keepers back. NOTE: his goal against Getafe came in Copa Del Rey.

7. Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid vs Barcelona, 2003)

As we previously mentioned this Brazilian rocket, Roberto Carlos scored some amazing goals in his career as a free kick specialist. The goal against Barcelona stands out, as it was scored from nearly 40 meters out. A powerful shot even went in the side of Barcelona’s goalkeeper, but he stood no chance against this powerful shot.

8. Kevin Prince Boateng (Las Palmas vs. Villareal, 2016)

“Prince” was always known for his acrobatic goals across the Old Continent, scoring real beauties in England, Spain, and Italy. Now a Barcelona striker, his time in Las Palmas was marked with a great goal against Villareal. He capped off a beautiful passing play by his teammates, to kick the ball in the bottom right corner, leaving the goalkeeper without a chance.

9. Clarence Seedorf (Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid, 1997)

Many people remember some screamers scored by Dutch midfielder Clarence Seedorf, who is not well into management waters. Just after he joined Real Madrid, he scored an amazing goal from 43 yards out, surprising then-Atletico goalkeeper Alfred Molina. He went on to win Champions League with three different clubs.

10. Neymar (Barcelona vs Villareal, 2015)

Brazilian superstar Neymar arrived in Barcelona with much hype and very much was proven righteous, with the Brazilian quickly forming a deadly trio with Suarez and Messi. Neymar scored some great goals with Barcelona and his lob dribble and a volley against Villareal remains his best goal for Barca.

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