If you are reading this, you would be interested in getting to know about the best soccer goals that were recorded in history. We have seen many different outstanding soccer goals bagged by the players. Therefore, it was quite a challenging task for us to list down the best soccer goals out of them. However, we anyway decided to go ahead and let you know about the best goals out of them.

1. Deportivo Toluca against Club America back in 2003
In this game, the Deportivo Toluca team had been engaged with a cat and mouse game. As a result, it was possible to see lots of counterattacking taking place. In the game, we saw a lot of instances for unselfish play and slick passing. However, Jose Cardozo from the Deportivo Toluca was able to drive an excellent team goal. It finished off the gameplay and helped the team to end up with the victory, which they have been keeping an eye from the beginning.

2. France against Brazil back in 1986
Socrates and Josimar went ahead and started the play. However, the most outstanding goal of the game came from Muller. He is an expert, who was able to get over the active French defense line with his hip. Then he turns back and leaves before the Careca went ahead and secured the goal.

3. Arsenal team against Norwich back in 2003
Patrick Van Den Hauwe, Vinny Samways and Paul Allen were able to secure an outstanding team goal back in 2003. It deserves a place on the list as well. These three players were able to unlock the Porto FC defense, by using some quick passing strategies. With that, they were also able to move down in the right flank, which helped him to get the ball to a box. That’s where Gary Lineker, a talisman from England went ahead and secured the goal. This is the very first goal that he was able to score in a European Cup Match. It makes the goal even more worthy for the team.

4. Barcelona against Real Madrid back in 2003
This goal also was scored in 2003. However, it came from the two most popular football fan clubs in Spain. As you already know, the Barcelona team plays the game in a possessing style. The two teams were engaged in a cat and mouse game. As a result, every single touch in the game was positive. No team was passing the tempo as well. However, Los Blancos was able to end the game in a positive node for the team Barcelona, with an outstanding team effort.

5. Argentina against Serbia Montenegro back in 2006
The patience that Argentina team players showed in this game provided excellent assistance for them to end up the game in a positive node. The team Argentina could get hold of the ball after 26 passes from the opponent. That’s where La Albiceleste used his unique abilities to go ahead and score the team goal.