Preparing for Kids Soccer

Preparing for Kids Soccer

Keeping kids healthy and active has always been a challenge for parents and guardians alike. With the pandemic coupled with unavoidable distractions of digital media, it seems that the challenge will never get easier.

But that should not be the case. There are still plenty of alternatives to let your kids be active and have fun at the same time. That includes soccer, specifically backyard kids soccer. 

Sure, there are many sports that you can choose from. But soccer offers a more holistic exercise of the body and the mind. It lets you be fully active for hours while stimulating your mind. 

Soccer is a great sport for kids to develop better athleticism and better team play. It will hone your child's ability to think on their feet (quite literally) while also being in total sync with their teammates. Although it could be pretty aggressive, soccer is generally considered a non-contact sport. It is also fairly easy to learn with only a little equipment needed – very suitable for kids to play.

In incorporating physical activity into your child's life, you have to consider some factors. That includes leading by example, playing sports together, and making sure it's fun. Demonstrating how sports can improve their health will motivate them to incorporate them into their daily lives as they grow. 

Moreover, sports, specifically soccer, promote better aerobic capability and improves cardiovascular health. It improves a person's muscle build-up while lowering body fat. You’ll also build strength, develop flexibility, and improve your endurance when playing soccer. Soccer is a great sport for all ages. That is why you need to consider training your kids early – set up a kids soccer goal in your backyard.

What Are the Best Soccer Goals for Kids Soccer?

Kids soccer can be easily done in your backyards. All you need is space big enough to run around on, a ball, and a reliable soccer goal. Open Goaaal USA offers various kids soccer goals or kids soccer net for your kids to enjoy at home.


This kids soccer goal stands up to 8 feet in height and 16 feet in width, a pretty good size for kids to learn soccer with. It also makes you or your kid's missed shots rebound more easily. With 10 feet by 2 feet backstop rebounder, it allows kids to practice making that perfect shot without interrupting focus and momentum. You don't need to chase every ball from every bad shot made.

This quality soccer goal also has a netting made up of high-quality UV-resistant PE, making it durable and weather-proof. So you have nothing to worry about quick wear and tear. You just need an area in your backyard of 18 feet by 21 feet span to set up a good playing field. Peg the nets to up to 6 feet and 6 inches below the ground.

This all-in-one, Open Goaaal USA 3-in-1 Trainer Goal in standard size is perfect for newbies and kids. It offers the basics of soccer training and gives the kids the ability to improve their rebounds and backstops. Originally, it was at $199, but now, you can score (pun intended) this for only $169. It is their standard-sized soccer goal. There is a larger one which I will discuss below.


If you think bigger is always better, you may be right. I mean, what's wrong with having bigger soccer goals for your kid's practices, right? Chances of losing or running after another ball after a bad shot are now close to zero. The larger wingspan of this goal offers more coverage for rebounds and backstops.

Standing at 10 feet tall with up to 29 feet span, this Open Goaaal USA (Large) 3-in-1 Trainer Goal offers what the previous one can offer and more. With this, your kids can now practice like the pros they could be in the future. No more worrying about broken windows or destroyed gardens. Missed shots can now be easily retrieved using this premium kid's soccer net.

Aside from its incredible functionality, this Open Goaaal training goal also has its practical benefits. It keeps the kids active for longer periods; it keeps them away from screens longer. It also develops their agility and quick thinking. Rather than spending so much purchasing a goal, a backstop, and a rebounder separately, Open Goaaal is all of these in one purchase. For only $209, they will have all of those in this amazing set.

Another good thing about these kid's soccer goals is that they are also relatively easy to put away. After playing with your kids, you can hide or raise the netting to keep it from damage. That way, you can keep it for much longer. Who knows, your kid’s kid may even have the chance to use it in the future!


Whether for recreation or training, soccer is always a good idea to play, especially for kids nowadays whose eyes are always on a screen. It is important to invite them outside to get some sun and exercise to be healthier both physically and mentally.

We should always keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally. But we don't have to bore ourselves doing it. You and your kids could have so much fun while exercising through soccer. 

If you have a huge space in the backyard to set up a kid's soccer goal, don’t hesitate to get a soccer net up. Buy that soccer net and invest in your and your child's overall development and well-being. Check out Open Goaaal USA to learn more about their soccer products to help you achieve this goal.

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