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FNINE Training Cones (50 pack)

A must-have for soccer players, FNINE Training Cones create infinite possibilities for drills and practices. Manufactured from ultra-strong plastic, these 50 colorful cones remain on the ground and are durable enough to withstand training sessions and collisions with balls and shoes. Perfect for soccer coaches, soccer parents, and soccer players, the FNINE Training Cones enhance a player’s soccer skills, ensuring they’re at top performance for their next match.

The FNINE Training Cones come in 5 vibrant colors (orange, green, yellow, red, and blue) making them easy to spot on the field. Due to their high visibility, these training cones can be seen even in low light whether players are training in gloomy weather or in the evening. 

FNINE Training Cones include a lightweight mesh carrying case making the cones easily portable and organized. It also includes a plastic cone carrying stand which helps with clean up and to keep all the cones in a single space.

Included: 50 Cones, Holder, and nylon bag