Solo Soccer Training with Open Goaaal

Soccer Training At Home Should Be Fun

Backyard soccer training equipment has needed an upgrade for some time now.  The backyard for most homeowners is not the most ideal place to practice soccer...especially for kids that are learning!  Whether it's missed shots blasting into the neighbors beautiful windows, knocking boards out of the privacy fence, or launching a soccer ball into the poison ivy infested creek, the Open Goaaal's built in rebounding backstop allows soccer players to take full power shots without having to worry about the consequences of missing by an inch and having to go fetch the ball...if you can find it.  

Since the Open Goaaal is 3 training products in 1...there are tons of unique and innovative ways to train.  Use the side backstop portion as a rebounder, practice trick shots that you are probably going to miss by a wide margin, team up with a friend to practice single touch shots..a must have skill for an avid soccer player!  

In conclusion, we designed the Open Goaaal to be the perfect backyard soccer goal for soccer players of any age.  To be honest, we have seen a lot of soccer parents end up playing on it just as much as their soccer kids!