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Open Goaaal is guaranteed to block missed shots from going into your neighbors yard and help kids get better at soccer...faster! Are you tired of spending all your training time chasing down missed shots?  Open Goaaal is the answer to this problem! The goal is surrounded by extra  tensioned netting, preventing missed shots from going astray! The next time you miss a shot not only does the net stop the ball, but it also rebounds it!

Now you and your kids can practice with peace of mind! No more worrying about having to chase the ball down, breaking windows, balls going over the fence, or destroying the landscaping. Open Goaaal rebounds almost all missed shots, no more delaying practice!


Parents love Open Goaaal because it helps their kids get better at soccer, gets their kids to practice more, and prevents missed shots from going into the neighbors yard/down the street. Kids get tired of chasing down bad shots over and over again, but with Open Goaaal they won't have that problem any longer. With Open Goaaal parents now have the opportunity of practicing shots with their kids. It allows you to spend more time having fun and getting better or watching your kids get better!  Open Goaaal is easy to maintain and easy to put away. The goal and extra retaining netting can easily slide away for cookouts or for mowing the lawn. This is the ultimate backyard soccer tool! It truly is the best soccer goal on the market!

Coaches know that practice makes perfect! This is why coaches enjoy Open Goaaal so much. When you miss, you often have to go chase the ball down, which is time wasted that could be spent footwork or shot training. Open Goaaal also allows you to go all out when practicing accurate shooting into the corner of the goal, without the fear of wasting time.

Kids love Open Goaaal (Open Goal) because their play and practice time is increased. No more chasing down missed shots. The ball will simply rebound and continues in play. This also allows shots to be practiced at full power, rather than with hesitation and fear of punishment if something breaks. Your neighbors will also appreciate not having to retrieve errant shots. The kids can play for hours with minimal interruption!


Open Goaaal is available in 3 different sizes. The Junior is the best for compact and small yards.  While the Standard accommodates most regular sized yards. Finally, the Large is most beneficial in oversized yards and training facilities.


Open Goaaal is a one of a kind soccer trainer. You will not be able to find another soccer goal that has its own integrated rebounding net system at such an affordable price. This allows for more focused practice sessions for strikers and goalkeepers.


Open Goaaal perfectly rebounds missed shots so you can quickly adjust your shot and attempt it once again. This durable and innovative rebounding backstop also prevents missed shots from flying over the neighbors yard or in to the woods.


Open goaaal is easy to set up and take down. It can be used by soccer players of all ages. With 3 sizes available, you can find the right Open Goaaal for any age group. Have personal 1-on-1 training sessions with your kids in the backyard!


With less time chasing after missed shots, you can concentrate on improving your footwork and ball striking . With Open Goaaal, you can get twice as much out of your soccer training session!


The amazing Open Goaaal and backstop/rebounder can easily be lifted for mowing the yard or keeping animals and pets out of the net. You can also slide the net to the side for extra space during backyard events and parties!


The Open Goaaal USA customer service teams enjoys listening to the great feedback from our customers. Send us a message on how you think we can improve Open Goaaal.